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Friday, 29 January 2016

Fame Reunion Concert Part 22- Encore Fame

Nia Peeples gives a special thank you to Stefano Mendogni.

Erica's Mother Phyllis Bash comes back on stage and the whole cast perform Fame once again. It's the only way to end the show and the audience go wild.

During the Friday Night rehearsals the cast pulled other people on to the stage. Erica and Carlo particularly thought that would be a great way to end the show. Erica said "the Fans Would Love it!"

However there was opposition presumably due to safety fears.  

As we left the rehearsals on the Friday Carlo said to us: "Tomorrow Night you'll be up on the stage". This was both exciting and worrying. I would have loved to have been there with them but I'm not a performer. 

As it turns out they weren't allowed to do, although Carlo manages to get one female fan onto the stage.

Our Friend Derek O'Sullivan makes a mad dash to be on stage for the final "FAME". He'd been there on the Friday night and wasn't letting anyone stop him on the night of the concert.

And then it was sadly all over. People were crying and hugging each other. Some couldn't believe they'd finally got to experience a Fame concert after all these years.

  We can't wait for the next reunion concert!!!

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