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Friday, 29 January 2016

Fame Reunion Concert Part 21- Encore Starmaker

The cast thanked people took their bows and then started to sing "Starmaker" again. This was a real surprise as they'd only sung it once in rehearsal.

It's always wonderful to see how close the cast are.

Carlo Imperato went into the audience to bring Stefano Mendogni on to the stage. The wonderful man who man all of this possible.

There seemed to be a little confusion over the lyrics when they all sing the verse together near the end but this was just a minor point.

As we came towards the end of the song the cast encouraged us to sing along too not that the audience needed any encouragement.

Thanks to Michael Kane for taking this footage.

Alternative view of Starmaker posted on You Tube by Daniele Paoletti

Alternate view of "Starmaker" posted on Facebook by Adelmo Macchioni .

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