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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Fame Reunion Concert Part 2 - "I Still Believe In Me"

As the Screen was moved the narrator Marco Caronna started to talk about New York and Yellow Taxi Cabs and Angelo Martelli. Images of New York came on the screen at the back off the stage and Marco was holding a toy Taxi Cab. He then started talking about Bruno Martelli and Lee Curreri walks onto the stage. 

Lee talks to Marco in Italian a little and then Mentions Erica Gimpel. Lee sits at the piano and starts to play the opening bars of "I Still Believe in Me".

Erica then walks in from the other side of the stage in a stunning floor length Silver Sequined gown and she looks amazing.

 "I Still Believe In Me" has always been a powerful song for me and the opening piano notes have the hairs on my body standing on end.

As Erica belts out those high notes tears come to my eyes.

Erica has said this is one of her favourite songs from the show and it's a fan favourite too, including mine. 

Erica sings it perfectly. Not only does she look amazing but she sounds amazing too.

Erica Said: "It was so wonderful sharing the stage with Lee Curreri singing one of my favorites I STILL BELIEVE IN ME..."

Thanks to Patrick Bron for the Video.

Alternate View of "I Still Believe In Me" posted by Gian Piero Villella on You Tube.

Another View of "I Still Believe in Me" posted by Alex Guarino on You Tube.

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