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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Fame Reunion Concert Part 13 Life Is A Celebration

Carlo Imperato and Erica Gimpel were still helping Erica's Mother back to her seat when the music for the next song started.

As they made their way back on to the stage Erica only just had time to grab her microphone ready for them to start singing "Life Is A Celebration". Valerie Landsburg joined them on backing vocals. To me this sounded great and Erica particularly sang with so much passion.

This was a very special moment for me as I was transported back in time to 1983 to the original Kids From Fame concert I'd seen. Although a number of songs had been sung here that had been performed in the original concert they had different cast members involved so they weren't quite the same but this one really was a flash back to the past.

It was also special because for some reason Carlo didn't have a solo song during this concert. Everyone had expected him to do "Friday Night" but sadly he didn't. So this was the closest he got. No real reason was given and I can only suspect Carlo has been out of the industry for many years and hadn't song live in public for a long time. During rehearsals for this song I'm sure I heard him turn to Erica at the end and say he'd got through it. Almost like he didn't think he could.


With Thanks to Patrick Bron for the Video.

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