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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Fame Reunion Concert Part 12 Love Stays

Erica Gimpel walks on to the stage and over to the piano where she sits down. She talks about it being a special night.
The Narrator Marco translates what she says into Italian. Erica's Mother Phyllis Bash was in the front row of the audience and had recently celebrated her 80th Birthday. Erica asked Carlo Imperato to escort her Mother up on to the stage. 

Erica then performed a beautiful song she had written herself, especially for her Mother titled "Love Stays".

As Erica Sang personal photos of her and her Mother flashed up on the screen behind.

It was a very emotional moment. Erica's Mother cried and Valerie Landsburg told me later that the other cast members watched from the wings crying too.

 As the song ends Erica gives her Mother a big hug and Carlo reappears and the two escort Phyllis back to her seat.

With Thanks to Patrick Bron for the video.

Alternate View recorded by Giuseppe Festa and Posted on Facebook.

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