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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Pictures of the Week

Carlo Imperato, Cynthia Gibb, Lee Curreri, Erica Gimpel, Jesse Borrego and Nia Peeples arrive in Italy this week for the Fame Reunion Concert at the weekend. Also pictured in the scarf is Stefano Mendogni who is the wonderful person responsible for organising the event.


Roberta R. said...

They seem so happy to do this :). But where's Val?

BTW, Mark - have a great time in my country! ;)

mark1814 said...

Thanks Roberta, I'm sure I will. The cast members pictured travelled together but Val was in Spain so she travelled separately. I can confirm she is now safely in Italy with the other Famers and there'll be pictures on the blog tomorrow to confirm it. They all look so happy and relaxed, it's great to see them together.