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Friday, 4 December 2015

Famer Reunion 2015 Press Conference

Friday 04th December at 3.00pm in room liberty of Grand Hotel Porro-Spa & Beauty-Salsomaggiore is scheduled a press conference presentation of ‪#‎famerreunion2015‬, which will be attended by the artists, the mayor of salsomaggiore fritelli, The Alderman to the culture of the municipality of salsomaggiore isetti, the directors caronna and rossini and the responsible for g.e.r. onlus Stefano Mendogni.
# gerchildren
‪#‎conpocopuoifaremolto‬ Radio Globale

Venerd√¨ 04/12 alle 15 nella Sala Liberty del Grand Hotel Porro - SPA & Beauty - Salsomaggiore √® programmata la conferenza stampa di presentazione di ‪#‎FamerReunion2015‬, alla quale parteciperanno gli artisti, il sindaco di Salsomaggiore Fritelli, l’assessore alla Cultura del comune di Salsomaggiore Isetti, i registi Caronna e Rossini e il responsabile di G.E.R. Onlus Stefano Mendogni.‪#‎GerChildren‬ ‪#‎conpocopuoifaremolto‬ Radio Globale


Sean said...

Where do we find the good video that was being shot at the event??

mark1814 said...

Sorry I'm not aware that it's been posted anywhere online. I don't know what they have done with it.