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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Fame Reunion Concert Running order

Here's the full running order of the show: 
 eVolution Dance Theatre performed 2 Dance numbers
“I Still Believe In Me” – Erica (Lee on Piano)
 Narrator Marco Caronna introduces Lee - Cast Introductions
“Starmaker” – Erica, Cynthia, Nia, Jesse, Valerie, Carlo & Lee
“Beautiful Dreamer” – Valerie (Lee on Piano)
“Could We Be Magic Like You” – Lee, Erica & Valerie
“Higher Ground” – Jesse & Nia
“Footloose” – Cynthia (Nia, Jesse, Valerie dancing)
“One is the loneliest Number” eVolution Dance Theatre
“Fame” – Erica, Cynthia, Nia, Jesse & Carlo (Lee on Piano)
 Monologue read by Valerie
“Never Never” – Valerie
“Ah Che Sara” Marco Caronna & Disco Inferno
“Love Stays” – Erica
“Life is a Celebration” Erica & Carlo (Valerie on Backing Vocals)
 Monologue performed by Carlo
“Man In The Mirror” - Nia, Erica, Carlo, Jesse, Cynthia, & Valerie
“Tomorrow Morning” – Nia, Cynthia & Jesse
“The World” – Jesse
“Never Out Run The Night” – Nia
“Long Train Running” - Nia (her son Chris Hayzel on guitar)
“Stairway to Heaven” - Nia, Erica, Carlo, Jesse, Cynthia & Valerie (Tribute to Gene)
“One” Nia, Erica, Carlo, Jesse & Cynthia ( Val guitar, Lee Piano)
“Starmaker” Erica, Cynthia, Nia, Jesse, Valerie, Carlo & Lee
“Fame” - Erica, Cynthia, Nia, Jesse, Valerie, Carlo & Lee

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