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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Erica Gimpel surprises her Mother at the Fame Reunion Concert

During the Fame Reunion Concert Erica Gimpel sang a song she'd written for her Mother, who was in the front row. She brought her Mother on stage to perform to her. We'd heard in rehearsals that this was going to happen and when Erica sang lumps came to our throats. We saw the song again in rehearsals the next day and Erica sounded even better. Then on the night of the concert it was an incredible moment. Afterwards Valerie Landsburg told me that the cast watched from the wings and they were in tears too. Here's what Erica had to say about the song:

"There are moments in life you get to honor the ones you love in a way that will last a lifetime. During our Fame Reunion Concert in Italy on Dec. 5th I got to honor my mothers 80th birthday by surprising her with a song I wrote for her entitled LOVE STAYS. I asked Carlo Imperato to help me with this surprise, he went into the audience and brought her up on the stage and then I sang to her… It was the greatest gift I could give. Truly celebrating how our relationship has evolved and grown over the years into one of deep profound love and friendship… She is my mother and my friend. To be in Italy together and to surprise her in this way was an incredible gift. A moment we will remember forever! My heart is full of love and gratitude!"

Thank you Danila Corgnati for these beautiful photos.

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