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Friday, 11 December 2015

Erica Gimpel discusses the Fame Cast and Reunion Concert

Erica Gimpel reflects on the fame Reunion the Cast and the Fans.

Here's What Erica Had to Say: 

Reuniting with my cast mates during the Fame Reunion Concert was profound. As we sang together performing the old songs and new ones realizations began to emerge.

It became clear that as we mature we have the incredible opportunity of becoming more grounded in who we truly are. I began seeing everyone with new eyes while also acknowledging our profound shared connection of being a part of the Fame Series and understanding its lasting impact on people to this very day.

Thank you to all the fans who flew in from London, Holland, the Netherlands, England, Greece and all the different parts of Italy. Your support, love and stories will always be remembered. Thank you to the incredible Stefano and his wonderful family for hosting us and treating us with such loving kindness… My heart is deeply touched by how you embraced each and every one of us making sure we were comfortable during our stay in Italy… We are truly family and I will always be deeply grateful to you. Peace…

Thank you Danila Corgnati for these beautiful photos.

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Mark Dodds said...

This show sold out fast ….. I'm surprised no promoters from the UK haven't brought them over yet. Would be amazing to have them perform at the Albert Hall 30+ years later