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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Gennady Filimonov Fame 1980 Movie

"My name is Gennady Filimonov (alumni of Performing Arts High School class of 1979 alumni of Manhattan School of Music  BM 1984 and MM 1985) Fulbright Recipient 1986-1987.

When Alan Parker visited our school (Performing Arts) in 1978-79, he took a picture of me practicing my violin in the stairwell, which was an excellent BW photo. It became the original poster of what then was called "Hot Lunch" and later renamed "FAME". When it was decided to rename the film, they re-did the poster in which I am the violinist  with the white head band playing my violin along with Irene Cara singing "Shady Sadie.... Hot Lunch" sequence.

This was an amazing experience to work professionally while we were finishing school and looking forward to further our studies in conservatory etc. For me, it was an eye opening experience in seeing people like myself totally committed to their art. It reaffirmed my conviction of the  path I had chosen in life. It also provided me the opportunity to work with a great director.

Since then I have worked in the "Equalizer" (TV show), first episode of FAME the TV series, and I have become a highly sought after musician, in that I have  been soloist/concertmaster in collaboration with Rod Stewart, Linda Rondstatt, Tony Bennett, "Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber", "Heart" and many others."

 "I am also a prolific studio recording artist. To date, I have performed in over 850 soundtracks including "HEART" Road Home album. Currently I am a  member of Seattle Symphony Orchestra since 1994, 1st violinist of the Odeon String Quartet in Residence at Cornish College of the Arts (Seattle), member of classical music committee of Pacific NW Chapter of NARAS (Grammy)."   "And I forgot to add, that when Alan Parker heard me playing in the stairwell, he told me about his project and had invited me for an audition....which I took and won!

Originally I was to have a character of a Russian Violinist (playing myself), but because the film was long as it was, several characters were cut out. You can hear me playing my violin in "FAME":  Sonata for violin and piano by Cesar Frank, Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto 2nd mvt. and in the final moment of the film when we are  all playing in the orchestra, the film ends with my face."

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