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Monday, 3 November 2014

Fame News!

This Month is Fame -The Musical Month and we'll be posting lots of MP3s and videos from the stage production.

The episode of the Month is "Holmes Sweet Holmes" from season 5 and posts for that start on November 17th.

I realise I didn't post the links to the Episode Review for last months episode of the Month for "Hold That Baby". I've gone back and corrected that now but if you missed the link here it is: Hold That Baby Episode Review

Billy Hufsey is starring in an "Idols from Movies and Music" show in Las Vegas at the Planet Hollywood Sin City Theatre.

For more Information and Tickets go to the Sin City Theatre Website.

Carol Mayo Jenkins is currently starring in 4000 Miles at the Clarence Brown Theatre until November 16th.  

For more and Information go to Clarence Brown Website

Valerie Landsburg's Extended Indiegogo campaign runs until November 10th. So there is still time to support Valerie.

Donate to the campaign

Happy Bonfire night and have a great Month,


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