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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Fame News!

Summer Holidays are over and we are back, with all new posts, right through until Christmas. It was a great back after a lovely break. While I was away I was working on the last episode of the Christmas fan fiction story I'm writing. That turned into 3 episodes but I'm really proud of it and look forward to sharing that with you in December. 
This Halloween Month we will be posting even more Fame Magazine interviews and articles, along with our usual mix of videos, MP3s and Fame related goodies.
The Episode of the Month is "Hold That Baby" from Season 6 and posts for that start on October 20th!
Valerie Landsburg, is trying to raise funds for a new movie "Offer and Compromise" that she is directing. She has an Indiegogo campaign to raise the money. You can give as little as $5.00 which will also get you a HB download of the film.  The campaign runs until October 26th. See today's other post for full details of the campaign and how to give and share.
On September 12th Carlo Imperato announced on Facebook that he would be setting up acting workshops in the L.A. Area. More details to come.
Debbie Allen will be guest starring and directing "Grey's Anatomy" again this season as well as directing on "Scandal", "How To Get Away With Murder" and "Jane The Virgin". 

Billy Hufsey has a new song available titled "Wild Star" which includes lyrics taken from The Carpenters song "Superstar".  Play the video for a preview of the song.

Buy on Amazon UK

Buy on Amazon US


The Debbie Allen Dance Academy Annual Gala will take place on November 7th

Happy Halloween and Have a great Month,


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