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Thursday, 12 June 2014

Valerie Landsburg Offer and Compromise Page

Valerie Landsburg is asking everyone to go and Like the "Offer & Compromise" Facebook page. 

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Here's what Valerie has to say: 

"Well, I know you all have been sitting at home, losing sleep, wondering, "What happened to that film Offer & Compromise, that Valerie was directing?" (kidding) I can't tell you everything now but there is big stuff happening in August. In the meantime I need a favor. Please go to our Offer & Compromise: The Movie Facebook page and LIKE it. As you all know we need as many likes as possible to create a great SN* base for the movie. I really appreciate the help. Let me know how I can return the favor. xoxo *Social Network - If you are like me you had no idea what the initials stood for."

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