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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Valerie Landsburg only has 18 hours left to go to reach her goal of $500000.00 so she can make the movie "Offer & Compromise" . Watch the Video and share on Facebook and Twitter. Lets Support Valerie.

Kickstart Campaign


Valerie Says:

Please watch the video. The idea is to spread the video through Twitter and Facebook to get to Ellen DeGeneres to help out.

Ellen is a huge supporter of American Idol and American Idol Alumni. She's a fan of Casey Abrams. if she retweets and asks 2% of her Twitter followers to pledge $1 we hit the goal - that could happen at anytime in the next 36 hours

If you do "Tweet" please tweet the following.

36HRS LEFT! RT to @TheEllenShow Launch @CaseyBassy's film debut! #RetweetUsEllenhttp://ow.ly/uuGLT

You can put this on FACEBOOK and add your own thoughts - paste the above ^ in last and it will pull up the video.

Thank you, everyone for everything you have been doing to support our film. 

Fingers crossed with gratitude,


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