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Monday, 3 March 2014

Fame News

This month it's 5 years since Kids From fame Media started and my how time has flown!

While listening to Valerie Landsburg on LA Talk Radio it was so touching to hear her talk about me and this site.  To hear that one of the people you really admire, not only knows who you are but values you and what you do is so wonderful and makes everything so worthwhile.

This month we are focussing on the cast and their non Fame projects: Films, TV programmes, Interviews etc... Which includes Carlo Imperato, Billy Hufsey and Jesse Borrego in a 3 part "Star Games" competition which I've been promising to some of you for a while now.

The episode of the month is "To Tilt At Windmills" from Season 5 and posts for that start on March 10th.  

Also we'll continue to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the 1st U.K. broadcasts of Season 3 and reactivating those episode download links.

Valerie Landsburg Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for "Offer and Compromise continues until March 14th. Every Dollar counts so to give back to our very giving "Doris". Go to Kickstarter and pledge as little as $1.00 which is 60p in U.K. money or 73 cents in Euros.

Carol Mayo Jenkins is currently starring in "A Trip To Bountiful" at the Clarence Brown Theatre until March 9th.

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It'll be a slightly short month running up until 28th March as we are then away.

Have a great Month,


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