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Friday, 14 February 2014

Valerie landsburg Kickstarter Campaign

Valerie Landsburg has just launched her Kickstarter campaign to make a new movie "Offer and Compromise" which she will be directing. 

The Kickstarter campaign is to raise the $500,000.00 funding required to make the movie. You can pledge anything from $1.00.  However there are rewards for pledging Higher amounts. 

$4500.00 could get you the plaque presented to Doris at the end of the season 2 episode "Friendship Day". 

$7000.00 could get you and a friend dinner with Valerie and some of her Fame friends either in New York or LA. 

$10,000.00 could get you Valerie's Platinum single for "Hi Fidelity". 

Plus lots of other rewards like being an extra or attending a première of the movie. 

The people in the know say she needs to be at 20% of her target by Sunday so $100,000.00
To support the campaign and pledge Go to the Kickstarter page  

The project is running until 14th March 2014.

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