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Monday, 3 February 2014

Fame News!

It's Magazine article time again! Santa was kind enough to bring a few new Fame goodies so we'll be sharing them throughout the month.

The episode of the month is  "Such Good Friends" from Season 5 and posts for that start on  10th February.

Lori Singer has joined Cruelty Free International who work to stop animal testing. She says:

"I'm behind the work of Cruelty Free International to ensure that animals don't suffer for our cosmetics." 

For More information go to the 
Cruelty Free International Website 

Valerie Landsburg's Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for her "Offer and Compromise- The  Movie" starts on February 9th at 6.00pm PST. 

More information will no doubt appear on Valerie's Twitter and Facebook pages.

Talking of Valerie don't forget her Facebook Fan Friend's page. The lastest posts include the Fame cast at her wedding in 1984 and information about On The Westside

Love is in the air with Valentines Day this month so I hope everyone has a Happy Valentines,

Have a great month,


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