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Monday, 6 January 2014

Fame News

Kids From Fame Media is back! I hope everyone had a happy and peaceful Holiday period and I want to wishing Everyone a very happy 2014. I hope the New Year is going well so far.

This month we are celebrating 1984. Who can believe that was 30 years ago! So there'll be the annual for that year, magazines, articles etc.. from that year.

There will be 2 episodes of the month  both from 1984. "A Friend In Meed" from season 3, which starts today and "The Return of Dr Scorpio" from season 4 which starts on January 20th

Debbie Allen's "Hot Chocolate Nutcracker" won the Goldstar National Nutcraker Award for the 2nd year in a row. Well done Debbie!

Valerie Landsburg has launched a Facebook page specifically to talk about her work and to interact with her fans. So go and join and Like the page where Valerie is currently sharing some behind the scenes stories of her time on Fame.

View Valerie Landsburg Fan-Friends Page

Here's some for the things Valerie has been talking about:

On Hi Fidelity:

"Well you know I had to start with this. It was the first song I did, that was really centered on me. We didn’t really have a plan we just went with it. I had no idea that, that song would become such a huge hit. I had known Lee for a year by then and working with him was effortless. Carlo and I became instant brother and sister - we loved each and also fought like siblings sometimes. When I am with either one of them - we reconnect instantly. We are all parents now some of our kids the age we were then."

On Beautiful Dreamer:

"I loved the song. It was also very interesting for Lee and I to have this moment of possible lovers. We had been such good friends since the pilot and roommates for a year in Los Angeles. So there’s that moment at the end I think we both sort of went for it, we really trusted each other a lot. I also loved the way I looked, I had started to dress a little more grown up after the first year."

On Dare To Dream:

"As I became a stronger and stronger singer, I felt so comfortable singing, the secret was really practice and I was getting to do that every week for 4 years. I fell in love (platonically) with Sam Slovick the moment I met him. He is a great musician and now an incredible journalist."

On Turn To Me:

"As you know I became the ballad singer of the show, there were a lot of songs. I listen to this and I can hear my voice maturing as I learned to work in a recording studio. This was great with a hand held camera going around while I sang, The high notes were hard to reach I can actually sing it now better I think. My voice was still very young I was 25. It’s always funny to think this was always lip synching. I learned the best way was always to sing full out while the playback was going. Here is how it worked. You got a demo tape on Monday with a lyric sheet. Tuesday you recorded a temporary track, they would finished all the instrumentation without you and then Thursday you recorded and Friday you shot it. What an education."

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