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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Happy Christmas

                                          Happy Christmas Everyone!

Wishing you all a peaceful holiday season and a Fame filled New Year! 

Kids From Fame returns with new posts on January 5th.

Christmas 2014 Message from Nia Peeples

I sooo want to wish everyone "Happy Holidays!"
But honestly, I feel like for some, that's a lot of pressure, like I'm demanding; "BE HAPPY NOW" regardless of your circumstance or losses. Let's face it, this time of year is so emotionally charged, and not necessarily in a good way for many. It's an annual reminder that life marches on, change happens, and so much of that change is out of our control. Set against the tradition of a ‪#‎Christmas‬ tree, ‪#‎Menorah‬ and gift givin...g, the changes are much more magnified, particularly when we've lost a loved one, our home, or the finances to provide the gifts we wish we could.

It made me reconsider the value of this season. I mean certainly the joy and power of an annual tradition of such a holiday can not exist solely for those who had a "good year", or a better paycheck, or for whom things are going swimmingly well. How do we capture the magic, the promise, the hope of this annual holiday season without relying on, finances, the fulfillment of old expectations, or even family and friends to bring it to us?

For me personally, I'm in a bit of a transition in my life, my career, and therefor my finances. Yes, this evolution is something I deeply desire but that doesn't make it easy. One day I'm infused with excitement and possibility. The next day I feel like I'm standing on the edge of a cliff in a strong wind. Amidst all the uncertainty I find myself hoping for an uneventful Christmas, one that passes without much hoopla so I can get back to stabilizing my evolution.

Then I read this Quote:
"There is nothing more amazing than the higher emotional vibrations of LOVE, AWE and CREATIVE PASSION, and there is a part of you that knows it."

And I did. I knew the truth of this immediately. Why? because LOVE, AWE and CREATIVE PASSION are not things to acquire. They are states of being. To live in ‪#‎LOVE‬ ‪#‎AWE‬ and ‪#‎CREATIVE‬ ‪#‎PASSION‬ is a choice. It doesn't require money. It doesn't require equipment, transportation or even other people. I can choose to experience LOVE, AWE and CREATIVE PASSION each and every day simply by being present to the beauty in the moment rather than having my head in the past or the future. And I am absolutely positive that my choice to live in this state of being this Holiday Season, regardless of what's happening around me; the loss of my uncle, the uncertainty of an evolving career, or the state of the Union for that matter, will bring me all the Magic, Promise and Hope of this Holiday Season.
Now I can say it with confidence:
and know that it is here for all of us.

Happy Birthday Dick Miller

Happy 86th Birthday to Dick Miller for December 25th.

Wish Upon A Christmas Star Part 12

Part 12 of The Christmas Fan Fiction Story "Wish Upon A Christmas Star".

It's the final part!

Will there be a happy ending for Danny and his father?

Will Holly get Bruno back?

Exactly what has Miss Sherwood got planned for the show?

And what is the mysterious letter for Leroy?

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The Songs from the story:

Monday, 22 December 2014

Wish Upon A Christmas Star Part 11

Part 11 of The Christmas Fan Fiction Story "Wish Upon A Christmas Star".

What has happened to Danny? 

Has Sherwood bitten off more than she can chew?

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The Songs from the story:

Janet Jackson Xmas Video

Janet Jackson Happy Xmas Video from 2006.

Picture of the Week

Jesse Borrego

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Wish Upon A Christmas Star Part 9

Part 9 of The Christmas Fan Fiction Story "Wish Upon A Christmas Star".

Can Doris help Sherwood learn to sing Elizabeth

Can Danny talk his father round?

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The Songs from the story:

Nia Peeples - Saving Spot Benefit 2014

Nia Peeples - Saving Spot Benefit 2014

Carmine Caridi 2014 Interview Part 2

Carmine Caridi 2014 Interview Part 2

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Shaun Earl - Snack n Chat 13 No Strings Attached

Shaun Earl - Snack n Chat 13 No Strings Attached

Wish Upon A Christmas Star Part 8

Part 8 of The Christmas Fan Fiction Story "Wish Upon A Christmas Star".

Can Bruno talk Shorofsky into playing Santa Claus?

Will Leroy finally have the money he needs?

Will Danny be able to assume his father that things are really coming together?

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The Songs from the story:

Picture of the Week

Carrie Hamilton and her Mother Carol Burnett

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The Waters - Time To Begin Again

The Waters: Luther, Oren, Julie and Maxine, who performed backing vocals on the Fame albums and during the concert tours have a Christmas song out titled "Time To Begin Again"  To listen and purchase the song go to:

CD Baby

Wish Upon A Christmas Star Part 7


Part 7 of The Christmas Fan Fiction Story "Wish Upon A Christmas Star".

How will Danny's father react no who knows the truth about the Christmas Show?

Will Bruno manage to get through to Doris?

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The Songs from the story

Dick Miller Chicago Critics Film Festival Interview

Dick Miller Chicago Critics Film Festival Interview 2014

Monday, 15 December 2014

Billy Hufsey Christmas Medley 1

Billy Hufsey Christmas Medley

Kids From Fame Tops

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Wish Upon A Christmas Star Part 6

Part 6 of The Christmas Fan Fiction Story "Wish Upon A Christmas Star".

Who has stolen the money?

Why Was Danny phoning Coco for help?

Can Bruno Talk Doris Round?

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The Songs from the story

Friday, 12 December 2014

Wish Upon A Christmas Star Part 5

Part 5 of The Christmas Fan Fiction Story "Wish Upon A Christmas Star".

How will Leroy decide between Dancing and his Family?

Can Bruno let Holly down gently?

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The Songs from the story:

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This week a Fame Iron on Patch

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Happy Birthday Cynthia Gibb

Happy 51st Birthday to Cynthia Gibb for Sunday 14th December

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Wish Upon A Christmas Star Part 4

Part 4 of The Christmas Fan Fiction Story "Wish Upon A Christmas Star".

Leroy has to make a difficult decision.

Holly is happy but struggling to keep her relationship with Bruno a secret.

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The Songs from the story:

Picture of the Week

Morgan Stevens

Happy Birthday Nia Peeples

Happy 53rd Birthday to Nia Peeples

Monday, 8 December 2014

Doris Schwartz Time and Again Season 2 Ep 12 Commentary

As "Scattered Pieces" Part two concludes Season 2 many of the pieces put in place in this season come together. It was inevitable that with the different time lines merging throughout the season, that at some point characters from different times would meet, start interacting and realise that something was very wrong.  The different hospital settings from the original series gave a perfect way to do this.
As with the end of season 1 I knew how I wanted season 2 to end with a group 0f main characters looking at Doris accusingly. I also had the end of season 3 in mind. At the last minute I decided to incorporate the end of season 3 as well with the hooded figure suffocating the Doris in the hospital bed. I just wrote that scene from a different angle so we didn't know who the hooded figure was.  It seemed like the best way to have the series as a whole have some connection. I included this aspect of the story to add to the drama so that season 1 and 2 didn't end in a similar way and with the reader just thinking that Doris would disappear and reappear somewhere else so the story would continue.

Also as Doris was suffocating at the end this was to explain where the idea came from to use that to kill Nicole although when she tried doing it her body was experiencing what we now see at the end of this episode and so that was my way of getting out of having her kill Nicole. Although that in itself doesn't stop her and she then thinks up something else where she gets the syringe and drug bottle. At the time of writing I was thinking this might become significant in a future episode  where Doris would find it in her pocket. However as things progressed I never really needed to use it but write until the end of season 4 I had it at the top of my notes as a possibility of a future plot line. 

As things had been very heavy in recent episodes I wanted things to be a lot lighter so had Mrs Berg  reveal that she was once an actress, something we don't discover until season 6 of the original series.   Also in the conversations between the characters at the end I added little light touches of humour like Danny not graduating and Coco wondering if she was a start in  the future.
It became a little complicated writing characters from different timelines meeting and having remember what each character would actually know  and who they would actually know in their particular timelines and it took quite awhile to construct that part but I was pretty pleased with the results.
I also knew what a key player that Leroy would be next season and had planted lots of scenes with him meeting Doris throughout this season. I thought it was important for him not to take part in the conversation with the others at then end until he points out that Doris is watching them. Most of the characters had previously experienced strange things happening and wanted Leroy to voice how people try to forget about strange things happening. I felt this was important  to explain to the reader how although people experienced strange things they didn't always talk about then for fear of people thinking they were going mad or something.    
So we end on the cliff hanger of Doris watching herself being suffocated and being confronted by her friends as to what is happening.

Wish Upon A Christmas Star Part 3

Part 3 of The Christmas Fan Fiction Story "Wish Upon A Christmas Star".

Danny is struggling to put his show together but will a phone call from an old friend be the answer to his problems? 

Will David be ready for his big Broadway audition?

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The Songs from the story:

Happy Birthday Billy Hufsey

Happy 56th Birthday to Billy Hufsey

Friday, 5 December 2014

Lori Singer - Grain of Sand

A Blake inspired fantasy.
Blakes world calls to their teacher.
The students join her

Thank you FSU and Paul Cohen,The Torchlight Program
Edited by Meredith Veach

Doris Schwartz Time and Again Season 2 Ep 11 Commentary

The Title "Scattered Piece" comes from the Season 1 song "It's Gonna Be A Long Night" and refers to The Different Time lines merging as we encounter more hospital scenes from the original series. 

As we enter the first part of the season finale the pressure on Doris really intensified. Even some of the events she witnessed from the past like Bruno's father dying and Holly's anorexia add to that pressure and the enormous guilt she feels about not being able to help her friends, either now or at the time the events actually happened. The reader doesn't know it and in fact at the time of writing I didn't know it but this guilt she feels is partly why she's in the past. She has issues to work through so that she can heal herself from the wounds and scars of the past.

Mrs Berg is very harsh and almost cruel here. She does know what is happening to Doris and really is trying to help her although perhaps it doesn't seem like that in this episode.

Doris expresses some of the questions and thoughts the reader may be having, like how does Mrs Berg know these things and how complicated things seem to be getting. However there are no real answers as to be honest I didn't quite have them myself at the time of writing. I knew where this season was ending and the ending of Season 3 but that was it at that point.

For me the main issues I had to get over here was how someone like Doris could even consider taking someone else's life. We she her struggling with the issues and repeatedly saying she can't do it and it's not in her personality but deep down she knows she has no choice. So slowly starts to think of ways she can go through with it.  

The we have the flash of memory where Doris sees the pillow and struggles to breath for a moment. Which gives her the inspiration to decide to suffocate Nicole. Doris doesn't realise it at this point but there is a reason why she had this vision.      


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This week a Fame Script for season 2's "Beginnings"

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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Billy Hufsey - The Lover In Me - Full Song

Billy Hufsey - The Lover In Me - Full Song

Buy MP3 Amazon UK

Buy MP3 Amazon US

Doris Schwartz Time and Again Season 2 Ep 10 Commentary

The Title "All Gone But The Memories" comes from the Season 1 song "It's Gonna Be A Long Night" and refers to Doris losing Danny and only having her memories of him left. Also this episode has lots of references to episodes of the TV series which are all memories to us now as the show has been over for years. 
At the time of writing my creative juices were really flowing. I'd planned this second season to be 10 episodes but had already added one extra episode when I stretched "If Tomorrow Never Comes" to two parts. My original intention was to move Doris in time to end the season but ideas were flying around in my head and when I came up with the idea of Doris now having to kill Nicole to correct the time line and avoid lots of horrible things happening to other people I knew I had to do it and add another episode.
The original plan was that even though I'd killed Danny off in 1987 he would still be there for events prior to that so I would still be able to use him even though the reader might have thought that was the end of him. However as I worked out how to plot things to accommodate the new ideas I knew I wanted a scene to take place between Doris and Danny where she tried to apologise.  Danny's cancer story from season 3 of the original series seemed perfect and here's Doris trying to apologise to him and make him understand something that hadn't happened to him yet when she had been so instrumental in making him fight the cancer. It all seemed to add to her guilt perfectly, that and Gina Amatullo's reaction.
Personally I can't imagine how someone in real life could cope with that amount of guilt and I have to say I felt a little worried for Doris as a character that all this guilt would throw her over the edge.
Most of the episode is filled with placing the other Fame characters into hospital situations from the different time lines. It's amazing when you sit down and start to think about it how many times the show put the characters into hospital situations and these made it really easy for me to work in different people.
I have to say I loved the ending to this episode. I don't know how Mrs Berg knew all the things she was telling Doris about how Nicole living would affect peoples futures, but I did know I had no intention of trying to explain it. So just wallowed in cranking up the drama!
For a moment Doris has some hope that she has a way out of all the guilt she is feeling only for that hope to be dashed, once again, when she discovers what she has to do.
One thing I didn't realise at the time was how I ended the last few episodes with Doris saying "Oh my God...." as she learns the shocking events that are happening around her. Had I realised I might have changed at least one of them but hey it's too late now.

Wish Upon A Christmas Star Part 2

Part 2 of The Christmas Fan Fiction Story "Wish Upon A Christmas Star".

Bruno is back in town and Holly is really pleased to see him!

Meanwhile Danny has volunteered to organise the Knights of St Anthony Christmas show and is looking at his friends and teachers to help him out!

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The songs from the story:

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Nia Peeples - Deadlock 2 Trailer 1995

Nia Peeples - Deadlock 2 Trailer 1995

Doris Schwartz Time and Again Season 2 Ep 9 Commentary

"At Least We've had today" is the next line in the song "Right Here, Right Now" from season 4 after "If Tomorrow Never Comes" and it seemed fitting to continue with the lyrics from that song as episode titles.  I was hoping that the reader would think it meant that Doris had been unsuccessful in her attempts to save Nicole and she would have to carry on knowing that at least she tried to save her friend.  So that would be a nice surprise when they discover that Nicole hasn't died. However, to me the title refers to her relationship with Danny as he will be the one that we discover died.
To me this is a complete emotional rollercoaster of an episode not only for the reader but for Doris. The subject of the episode is "Consequences". Doris saw in the first season that her actions could change things and her intentions, no matter how good, could still result in bad things happening. Despite that she still tries to change history and hasn't learnt from the past. In season the things that changed were minor compared to the epic changes in this episode.
 I think any of us in the situation of having knowledge that something bad is going to happen to a friend, would try to change things. So I think Doris' reaction is totally understandable. 
Firstly Doris has to contend with being the cause of the accident, which for the moment she wants to keep quiet about. She still blames Mickey for being drunk for causing the accident rather than her own involvement. 
To add a little bit of much needed relief we have some humour with Angelo Martelli both thinking Bruno is the father of younger Doris' baby and by asking older Doris out on a date.
We also revisit the mystery as the hospital announcements we've heard before. Now we have some context for them.  
Then we almost have some happiness when Doris realises that she did actually save Nicole's life but of course this is short lived when she realises that changing history has jeopardised the health of her own child and the chilling revelation at the end that Danny is dead.
I hope that was a shock to the reader. I can just imagine people saying "How Could He Kill Danny?!!!"
For me I knew as soon as I decided on Doris setting out to save Nicole would mean Danny had to die. He was the only other person in the car apart from Mickey, who we don't care about. So I guess Danny was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Picture of the Week

Michael Cerveris Publicity shot

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Debbie Allen on The Emmanuel Lewis Show 1987

Debbie Allen's performance on the Emmanuel Lewis show from 1987. Debbie performs a medley of "Hey Big Spender", "The Twist", "What Have You Done For Me Lately" and "Dancing On The Ceiling".

Doris Schwartz Time and Again Season 2 Ep 8 Commentary

As we continue into "If Tomorrow Never Comes Part Two" I knew how the episode as to end but needed something to fill this episode before we got there. So we start by having Nicole sing again. This time another Lisa Hartman song from her 1987 album. It's not the best song in the World but the Song title of "Until My Heart Stops Beating" seemed so appropriate for this episodes as time is running out for Nicole and she's still expressing how she feels about Jesse. 
It was pure coincidence that I had Dusty in this episode. The TV series tells us that she was at the party and having used both Ian and Dusty before in my story it seem good to have Jesse be with them. At the time of writing Dusty's feelings for Jesse were just something to pad the episode with. Again I didn't realise how important that would be in season 3.
For my padding I wanted Bruno to confront Doris and want an explanation. Until the events of our Series One finale teenage Bruno and Doris' friendship was on the line. He then realised that teenage Doris wasn't the one telling him things and that there were in fact two Doris'. I knew at some point that Bruno needed to meet up with the older Doris again but knew it wouldn't be here and just wanted to play with that a little bit. 
We continue the padding with the Lisa scene, purely to cause Doris frustration and add tension as to whether Doris will be able to stop Nicole getting into the car.   I also wanted to reassure readers that Doris definitely wasn't dead so had Lisa be the bearer of that message. 
Back at the party there's a little more fun with Bruno  and Doris is finally in the right place to try and help Nicole. That is until the car drives off. The time merging arc meant I could have Angelo Martelli back. We can tell from what he says that this is season one of the TV series for him. Doris pretends Nicole is her daughter to get Angelo on side.
Anyway the chase is on but I have the car in which Nicole is in crash anyway. It seemed the perfect end to actually make Doris' actions be what was responsible for the actual crash.  Again I find the end very chilling.