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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Fame Sticker Book Magazine Advert 1983

Magazine Advert for the Fame Sticker album form 1983

Songs - Erica Gimpel, Jimmy Osmond & Carlo Imperato

"Songs" is written by Dennis Scott and comes from the season 2 episode "Your Own Song". The original episode version is performed by Erica Gimpel and guest Star Jimmy Osmond. While the album version is performed by Carlo Imperato and Erica Gimpel. 

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Jimmy Osmond also performed a solo acoustics version of the song during the episode.

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Fame Calendar - May 2013

Fame Calendar - May 2013

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Monday, 29 April 2013

Michael Delorenzo Right On Interview 1983

Michael Delorenzo Right On Interview 1983

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Penny Lane - Jimmy Osmond

"Penny Lane" written and originally performed by John Lennon and Paul McCartney comes from the season 2 episode "Your Own Song" and is performed by guest star Jimmy Osmond.

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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Nia Peeples Meet and Greet!

Anyone in New York today, Saturday 27th April can meet up with Nia Peeples! 

Here's the messages she has posted on Facebook!

MEET AND GREET will be Saturday  stay tuned for place and time! love bein in the #bigApple again. i used to spend my summers here shooting fame: #dancing in the streets, leaping from car to car, jumping into fountains, wow! and i remember making my records here, hosting MTV and filming music videos. there's no place like #NYC ! ( i even remember being invited by Liberace up to trump towers for dinner. but that's another story!)

update on the meet and greet: Saturday  6:45-8:30 pm the smyth hotel lobby. 85 west broadway 10007. it's a nice hotel so casual is cool but cool casual is best! (they may kick us out anyway!) ha!

If anyone attends, we'd love to share your photos and reports on the meeting!

Friday, 26 April 2013

Carlo Imperato 20 Intimate Fax

Carlo Imperato 20 Intimate Fax Article 1983

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Doris Schwartz Time and Again Season 4 Episode 1

My fan fiction story "Doris Schwartz Time and Again" returns for it's 4th and final season.  There will be one episode per month until we end. At this moment I'm still writing it so I'm not 100% sure how many episodes there will actually be.

Episode One is titled "The Spirit Is Alive" which comes from the Season 5 Song of the same name  from the episode "Losin' It" 

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If you've missed any episodes or want to re-read any of the story here's the link to all the episode pages. 

Doris Schwartz: Time and Again 

Your Own Song - Full Episode

Sunday 28th is the 30th anniversary of the U.K. broadcast of "Your Own Song"

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Monday, 22 April 2013

Billy Hufsey Teenbeat Interview 1985

Billy Hufsey Teen Beat Magazine Interview from 1985

Beautiful Dreamer - Valerie Landsburg

"Beautiful Dreamer" is taken from the Season 2 episode "And The Winner Is" Written by Paul Jabara and Jay Asher it is sung by Valerie Landsburg. 

"Beautiful Dreamer" Jay LB You're Special Mix

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Thanks to Jeremy for this mix.

Fan cover version From YouTube.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Erica Gimpel Right On Article 1983

Erica Gimpel Right On Article 1983

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Gene Anthony Ray U.K. Tour Programme - Dance Into Spring 83

Gene Anthony Ray U.K. Tour Programme - Dance Into Spring 83.

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Kids From Fame Live Album 1983 - 30 Year Anniversary

The Kids from Fame Live was released in March 1983 and 30 years ago today it was at it's peak position  of number 8 on the U.K. album charts.

Read Kids From Fame Live Information Page

Download Album Zipfile

"Body Language" (Barry Fasman, Steve Sperry) - Debbie Allen, Gene Anthony Ray.

"Could We Be Magic Like You" written and performed by Lee Curreri.

"Friday Night" (Billy Falcon) - Carlo Imperato.

"Desdemona" (Barry Fasman, Steve Sperry) - Gene Anthony Ray, 
 Carlo Imperato and Erica Gimpel.
"Starmaker" (Bruce Roberts, Carol Bayer Sager) - The Kids From Fame.

"Hi-Fidelity" (Enid Levine) - Debbie Allen.

  "Mannequin" (Henry Gaffney) - Gene Anthony Ray.

    "A Special Place" (William Goldstein, Sue Sheridan) - Debbie Allen.
    "It's Gonna Be A Long Night" (Gary Portnoy, Estelle Levitt) - Lori Singer.
    "I Still Believe In Me" (Gary Portnoy, Sue Sheridan) - Erica Gimpel, Debbie Allen.
    "The Secret" (Barry Fasman, Steve Sperry) - Carlo Imperato, Gene Anthony Ray.
    "Be My Music" (Lee Curreri, Ethan Hurt) - The Kids From Fame.

"Life Is A Celebration" (Rick Springfield) - The Kids From Fame.

"We Got The Power" (Barry Fasman, Steve Sperry) - The Kids From Fame.
"Fame"(Michael Gore, Dean Pitchford) - The Waters.