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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Doris Schwartz Time and Again Season 2 Ep 3 Commentary

For me this was the first proper episode of season 2 as we start to see how things are affecting the time line. I thought it was appropriate for Doris to return to the beginning of the first episode of this adventure as that instantly shows that things are different this time round. So that's what inspired the title which comes from the season 4 song "The Loser Gets To Win".

The difference is mainly demonstrated by Coco's experience of seeing her future self and not understanding what she is seeing. I think it's interesting that Doris has realised that her actions could be affecting things and acts differently this time and leaves the auditorium as soon as possible. She goes directly to the music booth, which is where she went last time so we have no idea until Dusty arrives that she has moved in time. 

Also this is a darker, more trouble Doris than we have previously seen, as she now realises that things aren't going to be easy and to a certain extent the novelty of being in the past has worn off.

Having Doris in season 5 helps her stay a little more incognito as the new characters don't know who she is. 

As I knew Leroy's story would play a major part in the future I wanted to place the seeds of that story as soon as possible and one of the key events was going to be his fall and knee injury, that occurred in season 5. Having two time lines merge I thought it would be interesting, that it was seeing himself in the other time line and seeing Doris, who at this point he's already started to suspect, would be the cause of his accident, which in turn would lead him to start to blame Doris. 

 I always loved the original scene where Leroy echoes Lydia's "You Want Fame…" speech and so knew I wanted to include that. I also think it's interesting that seeing two time lines is just as confusing for Doris as it is for the other characters and builds mystery for the reader. Also I liked the idea that it looked like Doris was caught out this time.

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