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Monday, 16 December 2013

Doris Schwartz Time and Again Season 2 Ep 2 Commentary

As this season is centred around the hospital I wanted to establish that pretty quickly. As Doris passes out in the previous episode rather than moves in time I wanted this to seem like she'd just been taken to the hospital to then later reveal that she was back in 2010. Doris had actually come out of the coma she was in. It isn't revealed that it's a coma at this point but I knew it was and I knew we'd be returning to this hospital room in future episodes.. 

I titled the episode "Are You Real or Just A Dream", which comes from the season 3 song "Shadows and Light" to throw some doubt on Mrs Berg, Mr Crandall and Mr Shorofsky. I didn't previously revealed when Mrs Berg had dies but placed it in this episode to highlight that each of the teachers in the hospital room with her are dead. Here we can't be sure if they are ghosts or real because only Doris sees them. I was still continuing with making them appear malevolent. At this point I didn't know whether they would be or not. 

Although it's not entirely clear to the reader the announcements over the speaker system for code blue and for the Dr to go to maternity are echoes from another time line. They get repeated frequently through this season.

Also I had Mrs Berg be the voice calling Doris' name. This is the voice she'd heard mysteriously thought season one, which in itself was an echo in time.  

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