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Friday, 13 December 2013

Doris Schwartz Time and Again Season 2 Ep 1 Commentary

As I neared writing the end of season 1 I started to think about future story lines for season 2.  I knew to make things work I needed to know where I was taking the story so that I could plan ahead and the plant seeds of what was to come. 

I was on holiday and out for a walk one day and started chewing over,. with my partner some of the fundamental issues of why Doris was in the past. I also knew I wanted to show the story from a different side and chose Leroy to be that character. The ideas came thick and fast and things seemed to fall in place. Suddenly I knew exactly why Doris was in the past and how certain parts of the story would fit into that.  So I developed a plan for where the season 3 finale would go and where Season 4 would start.  I then worked backwards and started to develop ideas for Season 2. I also knew at what point in the story some of the answers would be revealed. 

I decided that Season 2 would have a couple of common themes. Firstly the hospital would feature considerably. Thinking about how many times the cast ended up in hospital or visiting hospital that ave me a lot to plan with. I also decided that time would start to merge with itself  giving me the perfect scenes in the season finale where our characters all meet up from different time periods.

I also knew that I hated Nicole's death on the show and Doris would have to do something about saving her.

First I had to move the story on from where we ended in season 1 but I didn't just want Doris to vanish that was. So I decided to continue from exactly where we left off.    

The title "Feel It Begin" comes from the season 4 song "Tomorrow Morning". This was one of the episodes that I struggled with on the title. Apart from the new mystery of people seeing Greg Crandall and Leroy seeing himself most of this episode recaps what has happened. In the end I went with "Feel It Begin" because having made long term plans this is where I thought the real story started.

Having Greg Candall suddenly appear in 1983 I think added even more mystery. Mrs Berg was now definitely part of the action and I wanted her to seem like she knows far more than she says and that we couldn't always be sure of her intentions. 

Although I'd decided on the hospital connection at this point I wasn't sure if this was a regular hospital or a mental hospital. So I recapped that Doris had previously had a breakdown and spent time in a mental hospital just in case I wanted to go down that route.

Read "Feel It Begin"

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