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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Doris Schwartz Time and Again Season 1 Ep 8 Commentary

The title "Look For Me" comes from the season 4 song "You Don't Know Who I Am".  After Doris' confrontation with Bruno and her confusion as to why her teenage self wasn't performing in  the "The Best In You And Me", Doris quickly sees another situation where her teenage self is missing. This all becomes very confusing and her concern as to what has happened to her teenage self becomes her main focus. Which is where the title comes in. i liked this little mystery.

Set in season 4's "Parent's Week" she interacts with Chris, Cassidy, Jesse and Nicole but none of them know Doris.  I knew I wanted to include Jesse and Nicole more and there stories take off in season 2 but I couldn't really work anything substantial into this season for them so a brief cameo is all they get.

I love the scene with Chris and Cassidy referencing lots of events that Doris had been prominent in. Playing on Doris' old securities about Holly, I had Holly be the one who replaced Doris in all of the situations stated to add to Doris' frustrations. Personally I think it added not only a little tension but is also funny.  Doris is now in the blond wig which is why Chris didn't recognise her from his first encounter when she pretended to be the dance teacher.

Then we build to the cliff hanger where we discover that Doris has been expelled. To me it was something that would never have happened to Doris in normal circumstances so becomes more of a shock. What could have possibly happened to have her expelled?

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