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Monday, 4 November 2013

Season 4 Episode Poll Results

The Season 4 Favourite Episode Results are in and "Indian Summer" comes out on top with 30 votes. 

Here's the full results:

1st - Indian Summer 30 votes 

2nd - Tomorrow's Children 26 votes 

3rd - Danny De Bergerac 25 votes 

4th= Coco Returns 24 votes 
4th= Blizzard 24 votes 

6th = The Ole Ball Game 23 votes 
6th = Spontaneous Combustion 23 votes 

8th- Parent's Week 22 votes 

9th= Nothing Personal 21 votes 
9th= Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf 21 votes 

11th= Wishes 20 votes 
11th= Team Work 20 votes 
11th= Dreams 20 votes 

14th= The Monster That Devoured Las Vegas 19 votes 
14th= Czech Mate 19 votes 

16th - I Never Danced For My Father 17 votes 

17th= Reflections 14 votes 
17th= The Return Of Dr Scorpio 14 votes 
17th= The Balled Of Ray Claxton 14 votes 

20th- The Rivalry 13 votes  

21st- Who Am I Really 9 votes 

22nd -Take My Wife Please 6 votes 

23rd - School is Out 2 votes

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