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Friday, 25 October 2013

Two To The Power Of Love - Janet Jackson

"Two To The power Of Love " was the 2nd single to be released from Janet Jackson's "Dream Street Album on 15th September 1984. Written by Peter Beckett and Steven A. Kipner, Janet duets with Cliff Richard. The song entered the U.S. top 100 and reached number 83 on the U.K. singles chart. Janet performed the song with Jesse Borrego in the season 4 episode "Indian Summer".

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Anonymous said...

I've been after this song for a while. Thanks Mark. This is a good song but why Cliff Richard?! LOL

She should have released it with someone else or even still Jesse.


mark1814 said...

Janet had already recorded the album before she joined "Fame" and at that time her Father made all the decisions on her career and set the duet up.

Janet and Cliff never actually met they recorded their vocals in different countries.

I think Janet's Father thought a duet with Cliff would be a big hit and get Janet noticed in Europe as Cliff was pretty big over here and his soingles usually went top 20. Sadly it didn't sell so his plan didn't work.

Janet wasn't particularly thrilled with the song!

BD said...

Thanks for the insight Mark. I stil think there would have been better male vocalist for her to have recorded it with. Someone a little more "creditable"

The duet was never going to fit in with "Design Of A Decade" was it LOL