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Thursday, 3 October 2013

The Kids From Fame Unreleased Volume 6 - Season 4

The Kids From Fame Unreleased Volume 6 - The Songs of Season 4 part 1

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Blast The Music - Janet Jackson, Billy Hufsey
Overnight Success - Nia Peeples, Erica Gimpel
It Didn't Work Out That Way -Carlo Imperato, Valerie Landsburg
We Stand - Gene Anthony Ray, Alan Weeks
Dancing In The Wings - Debbie Allen
The Loser Gets To Win - Cynthia Gibb, Carlo Imperato

We Got A Good Thing Going - Jesse Borrego, Janet Jackson, Nia Peeples
One Touch - Billy Hufsey, Daphne Ashbrook
Reunions - Nia Peeples, Carlo Imperato
The Child In Me  - Valerie Landsburg
Somebody Must Be Grinning Down On Me - Gene Anthony Ray
Right Here Right Now - Jesse Borrego, Nia Peeples
Tear It Up - Unknown  

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