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Thursday, 3 October 2013

My Top 5 Favourite Season 4 Episodes

My top 5 favourite season 4 episodes (in reverse order): 

5) "Indian Summer" 
 A feel good episode, involving everyone and a fun story for Danny and Doris. 

4) "Coco Returns" 
 It's fantastic to see Erica back and pit Coco against Nicole. It's only a shame Coco didn't stay longer. 

 3) "Tomorrow's Children" 
 Great issue led, emotional episode, featuring the full cast. 

 2) "Nothing Personal" 
 All the Kids are involved in a fun plot which is a strong episode for Chris,  Lydia, Sherwood and Cleo. 

1) "Blizzard" 
 Great ensemble episode with some great songs.

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