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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

My Least Favourite Season 4 Episodes

My Top Least Favourite Season 4 episodes are (in reverse order)

4) "Take My Wife Please" 
Guest star syndrome raises its head. I didn't mind Trevor Kane in "The Return of Dr Scorpio" where he was interacting with the cast but now he has an ex-wife involved and I don’t think the story works. 

3) "Who Am I Really?" 
I love Nicole but her adoption comes out of nowhere. Very little else is happening in this episode and it feels empty compared to many of the others. 

Holly's anorexia comes out of nowhere. I would have appreciated the storyline more had it been built over a number of episodes.

1)  "School Is Out"
 A cheap clips show as the new characters end their first year. Cleo who hasn't really been developed is leaving. This could have been so much more enjoyable had it been Leroy and Doris remembering clips from all 4 seasons.

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