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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Fame News! We're Back!

We are back again after our holiday, with lots of new posts to keep us going through to Christmas!

This month we are focussing on and Celebrating Season 4. With promos, ads, polls, MPs and videos from the 1984 to 1985 season.  Also my count down of my favourite and least favourite episodes of the season.

Now that the 30th Anniversary of the Season 2 broadcasts have finished we returned to our normal episode of the Month posts. As it's season 4 we will be posting 2 episodes from that Season, with a theme of Mothers and Fathers: "I Never Danced For My Father" and "Who Am I Really".

While I was away travelling and when the weather wasn't so good I was working on my Fame fan fiction. I'm happy to say that "Doris Schwartz Time and Again" is now completely finished and I'm really pleased with it and hopefully the ending will bring a tear to your eyes, but in a good way. As we were away for the end of Septembers episode there will be 2 episodes this month, one today and towards the end of the month.

As Time and Again is over, in terms of the writing anyway, I began thinking about future story ideas that I could work on. I already have a Christmas story for Christmas 2014 that I'm working on and story ideas to catch up with the characters as they are now but I a few ideas came to mind which I was really excited by and couldn't wait to get started on. One of them I'm calling "Elizabeth Sherwood Investigates!" I enjoyed writing this so much that the first adventure, involving David Reardon is nearly complete and I'm aiming to post the whole story in December.

 Andrew Hodgskin, has asked me to post a link to his Get Fame on CD page. He has a contact who has been involved in releasing CD material by British group Bucks Fizz. Their CDs have been reissued with lots of rare and previously unreleased stuff. So it would be great to have something similar on Fame but just the regular albums on official CD would be great too. Here's the message from 
Andrew and the link, so please like and share to show your support.

Get The Kids From Fame On Cd 

"Hi mark can you repost the link to my get fame on cd page , I'm in talks with somebody who was involved in getting the fizz stuff out and we are going to try and get something done , but I want to get as much interest as possible , thanks Andrew" 

Bill Kenwright presents a brand new production of the musical that ‘lives forever’ – Fame. The show will be directed and choreographed by Gary Lloyd whose credits include Thriller Live. 

Based on the Oscar-winning musical film and hugely successful TV series; Fame – The Musical will see a new production open at New Wimbledon Theatre on Thursday 20 February 2014 ahead of a major UK tour.

Fames promises to take you on a hi-octane roller coaster ride through dizzy heights and crashing lows as a group of star-struck wannabes embark on their quest for the ultimate accolade – fame. At the world famous High School for Performing Arts New York, young talented hopefuls undertake the journey of their lives. Ambition, triumph, heartbreak and romance conspire to steer them off course, and the pressure is too much for some. But, these kids are determined to live forever as they rocket through breathtaking dance routines and show stopping tunes. Fame includes some well-known hits such as Play a Love Scene and the titular Fame. 

A full tour schedule is to be announced soon. - See more Info 

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