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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Fame News!

This month sees a collection of Season 1 cast photos,  more interviews, video, and MP3s. It's the 30th anniversary of the "Sing For You Album" too. 

Also the Season 2 Episodes continue with: "Love Is The Question", "Blood, Sweat and Circuits", "Friendship Day", "Help From My Friends", and "Ending On A High Note"! 

Lee Curreri will perform with Mode in Ragusa Italy on august 10th. Lee also recorded their single "Right Now" and appears in the video.

Valerie Landsburg has recently been touring around Europe in London, Berlin and Rome. She has met up with fans where possible. So if you have any stories to tell from meeting Val then please contact us to share them.

Nia Peeples next Virtual Hangout is on August 5th on her Facebook Page.

We've been asked by Jovanna, the Manager of Jesse' Borrego's store Krazy Vatos S.A. to state they have a Facebook page and would like everyone visit and like it. 

Visit Page

Also to let you know they will ahve a website coming later in the year.#

Jesse has an interview coming in the September issue of Monster Magazine.

I've set up a Season One Discussion Group on Facebook. Over time I will set up groups for the other Seasons too. If you want to join the group click the link below:

Season One Facebook Discussion Group 

Have A great Month,


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