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Monday, 8 July 2013

Nia Peeples - If You Want Me To Stay

Nia Peeples has written and recorded a new song titled "If You Want Me To Stay" and made it available to download via her website at a cost of $1.99.

Here's what Nia had to say and the download link.

"I DID IT! so many of you have been asking me for new music, so the song i wrote on celebrity #WifeSwap is now available for download 


and will be streaming on the abc site after the show airs. but i must admit, i'm getting nervous to watch the show tomorrow night on ABC 8 pm: who knows what they've edited together?? but the surprise writing session and pub performance should be hilarious in the least. the recording of the song here in LA with my son @chrisHayzel was incredible. thank you for inspiring me back into music and for supporting me all these years. hope you love the song and get a howl of a laugh watching the show! (i'll be tweeting:)"

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