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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Kids From Fame Live 2 - Unreleased

Unreleased Live songs from the 1982/1983 tours together in one album.

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01) "Fame/When You're Young/Love Is In Control" Medley - Debbie Allen
02) "Higher Ground" - The Kids From Fame 
03) "Be Your Own Hero" - Erica Gimpel 
04) "Don't Stop Until You Get Enough" - Lori Singer On Cello - The Waters 
05) "Friday Night" Israel Version - Carlo Imperato 
06) "Murphy's Blues" - Lee Curreri 
07) "Shimmy" - Debbie Allen 
08) "Lay Back And Be Cool" - Gene Anthony Ray 
09) "Just When I Really Needed You" - Valerie Landsburg 
10) "Memory" - Debbie Allen 
11) "Starmaker" - The Kids from Fame 
12) "Life Is A Celebration" - Lori Singer and Carlo Imperato 
13) "Ballad Medley"-  live in Israel - 
     - "A Special Place" - Debbie Allen 
     - "Beautiful Dreamer" - Valerie Landsburg 
     - "I Still Believe In Me" - Erica Gimpel and Debbie Allen 
     - "The Secret" - Carlo imperato and Gene Anthony Ray 
     - "Be My Music" - The Kids From Fame

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