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Monday, 3 June 2013

Fame News!

Another full month on Kids From Fame Media with our usual round up of MP3s, Video, Interviews and Fan Fiction.

This Month is Sheet Music Month and we'll be posting the music for songs from the film, TV show and Janet Jackson's solo career.

No specific episode of the month as we continue posting the season 2 episodes on their U.K. broadcast 30th anniveraries. This month we've got "Winners", "Homecoming", "Solo Song" "Feelings" and "Childhood's End". 

Eric Pierpoint's novel "The Last Ride of Caleb O'Toole" is released in September. Pre order at:

"I need you to be strong." Caleb O'Toole could hear his mother's last words as clear as if she was sitting right next to him. He'd promised to keep his sisters safe. But safety is over a thousand miles away in the rugged Bitterroot Mountains, past dust-choked deserts and thorny tumbleweeds. Monstrous tornadoes and hungry wolves wait for them on the path ahead. But with the infamous Blackstone Gang hot on their trail, Caleb has no choice. There's no telling how far the gang will go to keep their latest murder a secret. But Caleb O'Toole can hear his mother's last words and he refuses to let her down.

Postponed from last year, Debbie Allen's "Freeze Frame" will be part of this year's Brisbane Festival in September.

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