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Friday, 3 May 2013

The Kids From Fame Songs Album 1983 - 30 year Anniversary

May 14th is the 30th Anniversay of "The Kids From Fame  Songs" album peaking on the U.k. album charts at number 14.

Be Your Own Hero (Enid Levine) Erica Gimpel
Just Like You (Tom Saviano, Jean Marie Arnold) Debbie Allen
There's A Train (Henry Gaffney) Albert Hague, Debbie Allen
Could We Be Magic Like You (Lee Curreri) Lee Curreri, Debbie Allen
Lay Back And Be Cool (Enid Levine) Gene Anthony Ray
Songs (Dennis Scott) Carlo Imperato, Erica Gimpel
Body Language (Steve Sperry, Barry Fasman) Debbie Allen
Beautiful dreamer (Paul Jabara, Jay Asher) Valerie Landsburg
Dancing Endlessly (Julie Davidson, George Tiboni) Debbie Allen
Bet You Life It's Me (Michael Cruz) Erica Gimpel

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