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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Fame Live Poster Advert

Kids From Fame Live Poster - Magazine Adverts from 1983.

The Top one from the "Fame Magazine" and the bottom one from "Smash Hits". Interesting that it was 30p cheaper to buy from "Smash Hits"!

Fame Sticker Book - Carol Mayo Jenkins

Carol Mayo Jenkins page from the Sticker Book

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Bet Your Life It's Me - Erica Gimpel

Erica Gimpel performed "Bet Your Life It's Me" in the Season 2 episode "Winners". Written by Michael Cruz.

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Bet Your Life It's ME- Jay LB Something Special Mix
Thanks to Jeremy for sending me this.

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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Monday, 27 May 2013

Nia Peeples 2nd Virtual Hangout Video

Nia Peeples did her 2nd virtual hangout on Saturday. It was great fun to take part and Nia answered my "Fame" question. She even said she might be in the U.K. in September to do a meet and greet!

Deer Dance - Instrumental

"Deer Dance" instrumental, written by William Goldstein, comes from the season 2 episode  "Words".

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Fame Sticker Book - Morgan Stevens

Morgan Stevens page from the Fame Sticker Book

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Albert Hague Did I Ever Really Live

"Did I Ever Really Live" written by Albert Hague and Allan Sherman. Performed by Albert Hague.

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"Did I Ever Really Live" is a live version performed by Albert Hague from his still young and foolish album.

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Friday, 24 May 2013

Songs Album Magazine Advert

"Songs" album advert from "Smash Hits" Magazine May 1983.

Gene Anthony Ray - Tribute Video

Today would have been Gene Anthony Ray's birthday. Here's a tribute video to remember him by. Thanks to Brandon for the video.


Words - Full episode

May 26th is the 30th anniversary of the first U.K. broadcast of "Words" from season 2.

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Doris Schwartz Time and Again Season 4 Episode 2

My fan fiction story "Doris Schwartz Time and Again" continues with  episode Two  titled "Another Road To Take" which comes from the Season 5 Song "Love's A Journey Not a Place".

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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Nia Peeples News

Nia Peeples has announced the next virtual hangout will take place on Saturday 25th May at 10.00am PST (6.00pm in the U.K) which is a far better time for those of us not in the U.S.

She will also be doing a live meet and greet in LA on Monday May 27th at Mint at 8.00pm where her son's band Ellis will be performing at 8.45pm.

Checkout Nia's Facebook Page for details.

Sing For You America - Kids From Fame

"Sing For You America" comes from the season 2 episode "Words" and is performed by EricaGimpel, Carlo Inmperato, Gene Anthony Ray and ValerieLandsburg. Written by Barry Fasman and Sue Sherriden this comes from the "Kids From Fame Sing For You" album.

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Fame Sticker Book - Carlo Imperato

Carlo Imperato Page from the Fame Sticker Book.

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I Heard It Through the Grapevine - Kids From Fame

"I Heard it Through the Grapevine"written by Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong. It is performed by Erica Gimpel, Lori Singer, Gene Anthony Ray and Valerie Landsburg in the season 2 episode "Beginnings".

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Monday, 20 May 2013

Fame News - We're Back

We're back again with all new posts celebrating season 2 episodes, the Fame sticker album, the songs album and Doris Schwartz Time and Again, fan fiction.


Nia Pepeles - Virtual Hangout

Nia Peeples Facebook virtual hang out took place on May 9th where she answered questions about her life and career. Here's the video of the event. Nia is promising to do others specialising in specific aspects of her career. I can't wait for the Fame one! 

Beginnings - Full Episode

19th May was the 30th anniversary of the U.K. broadcast of Beginnings from Season 2. 

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Fame Sticker - Book - Gene Anthony Ray

Gene Anthony Ray page from the Fame sticker book.

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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Holiday Time!

Kids From Fame Media is taking a little break while we go off and visit some family and friends. We will return for all new posts on May 20th.

Nia Peeples Live Facebook Broadcast

Nia Peeples will be holding a live chat on Facebook on Thursday May 9th at 8.30pm PST. I believe this to be about 4.30am U.K. time. 

Sadly I'll be away but have submitted a question in advance. I'm hoping it will be recorded or there will be a transcript available to read afterwards. If any of you take part please share your experiences with us.

Visit Nia's Facebook Page

Here's what Nia has to say:

"okay we had so much fun at the meet and greet, we're going to do a virtual hangout next thursday may 9th 8:30 PST! just click on the "HANGOUT LIVE!" button (upper rt corner) and sign up, submit questions then join me live! i'll be taking your comments in real time. spread the word!! can't wait to meet you!!"

Ebay Item of the Week

This week The Kids from Fame Live at the Royal Albert Hall Concert Video

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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Teachers - Full Episode

Sunday 12th May is the 30th Anniversary of the first U.K. broadcast of "Teachers" from  season 2.

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Give Em A Hand "Teachers" Dance Instrumental

This Dance Instrumental comes from the end of the season 2 episode "Teachers". Titled "Give Em A Hand" it is written by Barry Fasman.

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Monday, 6 May 2013

Moonlight Sonata performed by Lee Curreri

"Moonlight Sonata" comes from the season 2 episode "Teachers" where it is peformed by Lee Curreri and written by Beethoven.

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Wish Me Well - Lee Curreri

"Wish Me Well" comes from the season 2 episode "Teachers". It is performed by Lee Curreri and written By Barry Fasman and Sue Sheridan.

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Dancing Endlessly - Debbie Allen

Dancing Endlessley, Written by Juli Davidson and George Tiboni, comes from the season 2 episode "Class Act" and is performed by Debbie Allen and Oren Waters. 

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Friday, 3 May 2013

Class Act - Full episode

Sunday 5th May is the 30th anniversary of the U.K. broadcast of "Class Act" from season 2.

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The Kids From Fame Songs Album 1983 - 30 year Anniversary

May 14th is the 30th Anniversay of "The Kids From Fame  Songs" album peaking on the U.k. album charts at number 14.

Be Your Own Hero (Enid Levine) Erica Gimpel
Just Like You (Tom Saviano, Jean Marie Arnold) Debbie Allen
There's A Train (Henry Gaffney) Albert Hague, Debbie Allen
Could We Be Magic Like You (Lee Curreri) Lee Curreri, Debbie Allen
Lay Back And Be Cool (Enid Levine) Gene Anthony Ray
Songs (Dennis Scott) Carlo Imperato, Erica Gimpel
Body Language (Steve Sperry, Barry Fasman) Debbie Allen
Beautiful dreamer (Paul Jabara, Jay Asher) Valerie Landsburg
Dancing Endlessly (Julie Davidson, George Tiboni) Debbie Allen
Bet You Life It's Me (Michael Cruz) Erica Gimpel

Songs Information Page

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