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Monday, 18 February 2013

Shake - Jesse Borrego

"Shake" comes from the Season 4 episode "Danny De Bergerac", written by Gerard McMahon it is performed by Jesse Borrego.


BD said...

I think Jesse was probably the best male singer the show had

mark1814 said...

I wasn't sure about Jesse at first but I think because he was so closely associated with Nia, who I love, then I warmed to him.

Some of Jesse's ballads are some of my favourite songs on the show: "The Other Side Of The Road", "What Am I To Be" and "Come What May She Believes". His voice has a nice tone on those. Although there are other songs I feel he's a bit screachy.

I think all the cast improved vocally the longer they spent on the show. Carlo and Gene both improved and they have some good songs too.