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Lee Curreri Profile

Lee Curreri plays Bruno Martelli Profile from the Official Fame Magainze. Click the link below to read:

Fame Stars in 1982 - Cynthia Gibb

In 1982 and before joining "Fame" Cynthia Gibb was playing Susan 'Suzi' Martin Wyatt Carter on "Search For Tomorrow" and was part of a Hollywood celebrity couple with Christopher Atkins.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Elizabeth Daily in Funny Money Promo

Season 2 guest star Elizbeth (E.G.) Daily in a promo for the 1982 movie "Funny Money".

Monday, 16 January 2012

Happy Birthday Debbie Allen

Happy 62nd Birthday to Debbie Allen!

Coke Advert 1982

The 1980s - the era of legwarmers, headbands and the fitness craze, and a time of much change and innovation at The Coca-Cola Company. This advert is so based on Fame they may as well used the cast and dancers for it.

Janet Jackson Young Love

"Young Love" performed by Janet Jackson from her 1982 self titled album.

To download the 12 inch dance mix click the link below:

Friday, 13 January 2012

Shaun Earl Snack N Chat 4 Metrosexual

Fame Dancer Shaun Earl with epsiode 4 of his series "Snack N Chat" titled "Metrosexual".

1982 American TV Opening Titles

Re-live memories from 1982 with this compilation of American TV Opening Titles. Watch carefully for a number of Fame related cast members, guest stars, writeres and directors.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Kids From Fame Sing For You Album Review

Fame Magazine review of The Kids From Fame Sing For You Album.

Read Review

Fame Stars in 1982 Before they Joined Fame

Cynthia Gibb, Graham Jarvis, Janet Jackson, Ken Swofford, Carrie Hamilton, Billy Hufsey and Nia Peeples in 1982 before they became cast members on "Fame".

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Debbie Allen Interview on Wendy Williams

Debbie Allen Interview from Novemeber 2011 from the Wendy Williams show.

Mostly Mozart Tshirt/Sweatshirts

Remember Bruno's "Mostly Mozart sweatshirt he used to wear? You too can own one along with T shirts, mugs, fridge magnets, etc.. These can be custom made in various colours and designs.

Click the link below:

Thanks to Liz, for the link.

Happy Birthday Olivia Barash

Happy Birthday to Olivia Barash!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Where Are They Now Cafe Mom

Fame 30th Anniversary "Where Are They Now" from Cafemom.com

Click the link below to view:

Learn to Dance Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation in San Francisco!

Free Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation Dance Class SF
Wednesday, January 11, 2012 - 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm Cost: FREE*
*Free but donations accepted to cover costs of renting the dance studio

Studio Gracia 19 Heron Street San Francisco, CA 94103

Here’s your chance to learn Janet Jackson’s moves and then perform it flash mob style all over San Francisco.

Come celebrate Janet Jackson by joining Bay Area Flash Mob and learn the choreography for the dances from the classic ’80s video “Rhythm Nation.”

The free classes begin on January 4th and will take place twice a week on all Wednesdays and most Sundays from Jan 4th to March 18th. These will be progressive classes, meaning that a new section of the dance will be taught every week.

And when you’re all done and know the steps by heart, you’ll perform flash mob style!
- as a flash mob in San Francisco in March (exact date and location TBA)
- in nightclubs (80′s night) and various events in the Bay Area

Rhythm Nation Dance Class Schedule
Wednesdays & Sundays
January 4, 2012 to March 18, 2012

Missed a session? Don’t worry! Each Sunday will be a repeat of what has been taught on Wednesday. So if you miss Wednesday’s class, you can still catch up on Sunday.

*Week 1
Wednesday Jan 4th at Studio Gracia from 7pm to 9pm
Sunday Jan 8th at Studio Gracia from 4pm to 6pm

*Week 2
Wednesday Jan 11th at Studio Gracia from 7pm to 9pm
Sunday Jan 15th at Studio Gracia from 4pm to 6pm

*Week 3
Wednesday Jan 18th at Studio Gracia from 7pm to 9pm
Sunday Jan 22nd at Studio Gracia from 4pm to 6pm

*Week 4
Wednesday Jan 25th at Studio Gracia from 7pm to 9pm
Sunday Jan 29th at Studio Gracia from 4pm to 6pm

*Week 5
Wednesday Feb 1st at Shotwell from 7:15pm to 9:15pm
Sunday Feb 5th at Dance Mission Theater from noon to 2pm

*Week 6
Wednesday Feb 8st at Shotwell from 7:15pm to 9:15pm
Sunday Feb 12th at Studio Gracia from 4pm to 6pm

*Week 7
Wednesday Feb 15th at Studio Gracia from 7pm to 9pm
Sunday Class might be cancelled because of Presidents Day Weekend

*Week 8
Wednesday Feb 22nd at Studio Gracia from 7pm to 9pm
Sunday Feb 26th at Studio Gracia from 4pm to 6pm

*Week 9
Wednesday Feb 29th at Studio Gracia from 7pm to 9pm
Sunday Mar 4th at Studio Gracia from 4pm to 6pm

*Week 10
Wednesday Mar 7th at Studio Gracia from 7pm to 9pm
Sunday Mar 11th at Studio Gracia from 4pm to 6pm

*Week 11
Wednesday Mar 14th at Studio Gracia from 7pm to 9pm
Sunday Mar 18th at Studio Gracia from 4pm to 6pm

Dance Class Locations

- Studio Gracia (http://studiogracia.com/):
19 Heron Street San Francisco, CA 94103

- Shotwell: http://www.ftloose.org/
3252-A 19th Street San Francisco, CA 94110

- Dance Mission Theater: http://www.dancemission.com/
3316 24th Street, San Francisco

1982 The Year of the Legwarmer!

Smash Hits Magazine article on 1982 titled "The Year of the Legwarmer".

Read Article

Monday, 9 January 2012

Season 2 Favourite Episode Poll Results

The results of your favourite season 2 episodes are in and the votes have been counted.

Favourite episode is "Beginnings" and least favourite is "Sunshine Again" . The full results are:

1st "Beginnings" 53 votes

2nd "Not In Kansas Anymore" 52 votes

3rd = "And The Winner Is" 51 votes
"Winners" 51 votes

5th "Childhood's End" 50 votes

6th "A Tough Act To Follow" 44 votes

7th "Feelings" 37 votes

8th "Teachers" 34 votes

9th = "Your Own song" 30 votes
".. Help From My Friends" 30 votes

11th "Words" 28 votes

12th "Ending On A High Note" 25 votes

13th "Relationships" 23 votes

14th "Homecoming" 22 votes

15th "Star Quality" 21 votes

16th "Friendship Day" 19 votes

17th "Love Is The Question" 16 votes

18th = "Blood, Sweat and Circuits" 15 votes
"U.N. Week" 15 votes "

"Solo Song" 15 votes

21st "Class Act" 13 votes

22nd "Sunshine Again 7 votes

Thanks to all those who voted the Season 3 vote will run later in the year.

30 Years of Fame Where Are The Now.

Article from Snakkle.com on where the cast are 30 years later.

To read click the link below:

I Love 1982 Strikes Back

More memories from 1982 from the VH1 series I Love The 80s Strikes Back.