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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Fame Calendar August

August's Calendar Page is now available.

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Doris Schwartz Time and Again Season 3 Episode 4

My Fan Fiction story, "Doris Schwartz Time And Again" continues with Episode 4, title "Some Never Make It". The title comes from the season 3 song "Showtime". 

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Dancer Bubba Carr Interview

Fame Dancer and Choreographer Bubba Carr interview.

 "After moving to Los Angeles, I had two goals on my mind. One was dancing on the TV Show “Fame” and the other one to be on “Solid Gold”. I never made it on the last one, but I did get to cast as one of eight regular dancers on the final season of “Fame”. It was an incredible learning experience and an opportunity to get to know how to work in Hollywood. I assisted the choreographer from “Fame”, Jaime Rogers for several years after the show ended and travelled to Spain and Italy with him."

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Monday, 30 July 2012

Tops TV Magazine Debbie Allen & Lori Singer Interview 30th July 1983

TV Tops Magazine Article from 30th July 1982 talking to Debbie Allen and Lori Singer.

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Paula Abdul Choreography for Janet Jackson

Paula Abdul Choreography for Janet Jackson 1986 video "When I think Of You".

Debbie Allen Gap Kids Advert

GAP Kids have partnered with Debbie Allen and her dance academy to produce a fun video of kids dancing. Debbie proves she can still keep up with them.

Behind the Scenes video:

Eartha D Robinson Black Orchid Dance

Eartha D Robinson in "The Secret Life of Plants" from 1979 dancing to Stevie Wonder's "Black Orchid".

Friday, 27 July 2012

Fame's Dancing Sisters Kim and Melissa Hurley

When "Fame" was first broad cast I didn't realise that dancers Kim Layton Hurley and Melissa Hurley were actually sisters. Love the registration plate for their car!

The Strike

The 30th U.K. Anniversary of "The Strike" is on Sunday.
Watch and relive the "Fame" memories. 

Happy Birthday PR Paul

Happy 56th Birthday to PR Paul for Tomorrow.

Debbie Allen Talks about Michael Jackson

Debbie allen Interview about Michael Jackson.

Debbie Allen on Michael Jackson's death by CNN_International

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Marguerite Derricks Move TV Interview 2012

Fame dancer Marguerite Derricks talks about the key popints in her life as a dancer. There's a wonderful part where she talks about Debbie Allen being her greatest mentor and mentions her Fame audition.

MOVE TV - Marguerite Derricks from MoveTVnetwork.com on Vimeo.

Marge Champion Interview

Dancer and season 2 "Fame" guest star discusses her career.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Slave To Love - Nia Peeples & Jesse Borrego

"Slave To Love" written by Nick Di Stefano comes from the Season 5 episode "The Incident" and is performed by Nia Peeples and Jesse Borrego.#

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(As this song has talking over parts of it and is sung in 2 parts I've had to edit it together as best as I can.)

Janet Jackson Dance Auditions

Gil Duldulao long time friends and choreographer for Janet Jackson takes us through a dance audition to dance with Janet.

Dance The Fame Way!

Dance the Fame Way video.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Michael Delorenzo Music Videos

Fame Dancer Michael Delorenzo's appearances in music videos.

Debbie Allen America from West Side Story

Debbie Allen as Anita in West Side Story performing "America" at the Tony Awards 1980.

Legacy Instrumental

"Legacy" is an instrumental piece of music written by Gary Scott and comes from season 6 episode "Baby Remember My Name"

Download MP3 

Monday, 23 July 2012

Irene Cara Fame Smah Hits Song Words

"Fame" Song Words From Smash Hits Magazine 22nd July to 4th August 1982.

Fame Dancers Then and Now

The Fame Dancers Then and Now!

This was a far harder project than I thought it would be as it's difficult to find up to date information on some many of the dancers. Still i hope you enjoy the ones we did find. 

Dance Movie Montage

A montage of various dance movie scenes to the music of Fame.

Friday, 20 July 2012

The Sell Out

Sunday is the 30th Anniversary of the U.K. broadcast of "The Sell Out".
Watch and relive those "Fame" memories.

Debbie Allen Extra Interview with Mario Lopez

Debbie Allen interviewed by and Dancing with Mario Lopez on Extra, with her Gap Kids.

Bubba Carr Choreography Reel

Choreographer and "Fame" dancer  Bubba Carr choreography Reel. 

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Fame Dance Article

Article on Fame Dance from the 1983 Essex Radio Annual.

Read Article

Paula Brown Performing in Snap Music Videos

"Fame" Dancer Paula Brown became the lead singer with German Euro dance group "Snap" in  1994, performing under the name "Summer".

Debbie Allen in Matrix The Musical

I don't know very much about this but it's prequel to Matrix The Musical where the hero gets taught to dance by Debbie Allen.

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Nia Peeples Sisa Simone Fashion Show Interview

Nia Peeples Sisa Simone Fashion Show Interview 2012


Allysia Sneed on Fame

Fame Dancer "Allysia Sneed on "Fame " and Memories.

"Sometimes my mind wanders back in time and I remember many of my good old friends and the fabulous times we were blessed with and some of them are so humorous that I burst out laughing wherever I am (Smile.) 

I recently thought about rehearsing with Otis Sallid during "The Fame Years" and something he said to me came to mind and I laughed for 5 minutes non-stop. Memories can be a comfort, it's all in how you see them. Miss you and love ya Otis.

 Here's a photo I was prompted by memories to dig up. I believe this was taken at an MGM cast party."

Fame 2009 Dance Move Instructions

Here's how to do the choreography to Fame 2009.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

FAME Cast Thank the U.K. .

Lee Curreri, Gene Anthony Ray, Carol Mayo Jenkins, Valerie Landsburg and Irene Cara appear on "Top of the Pops"  to thank the U.K. for making "Fame" Number One.

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Ebay Item of the Week

The "Songs" album in The Netherlands came out under the title "The Kids From Fame 2". It has a slightly different track listing to the normal album in that it contains "Mannequin" in addition to the rest of that album.

This auction is for the album on Cassette.

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Irene Cara Fame

"Fame" written by Michael Gore and Dean Pitchford was originally released in June 1980 from the soundtrack of the movie of the same name and was performed by Irene Cara. In the U.S. the single reached number 4 on the Billboard charts in 1980. 

However the single wasn't a hit in the U.K. until 1982 where it was released in May to coincide with the U.K. premiere of the Fame TV series in June 1982. The single entered the charts on the 3rd July 1982  at number 51. The following week it shot up to number 4 on the chart and then on 17th July it reached number One, where it stayed for 3 weeks. 

In Total the song spent 16 weeks on the U.K. chart and became the 2nd biggest selling single of 1982. It is the 17th best Selling U.K. single of the 80s.

It also reached number 1 in The Netherlands & New Zealand and number 3 in Sweden.

When Interviewed Lyricist Dean Pitchford said:

"I wrote that line "I'm Gonna Live Forever". When Michael Gore played me the melody that he had come up with for the chorus. I listened down to it once, and I said, "Oh, you mean something like..." and he went back to the top and he was playing it down, and I sang, "Fame! I'm gonna live forever," and he stopped playing, and he went, "Oh my god! Write that down! I don't want to forget that!" And I said, "Oh, Michael, I don't think I could forget that one."

The rest of the song took forever to write. It was literally a month of six days, seven days a week, six hours a day of carving every one of those verses. But that line sprang out of my mouth.  The writing was excruciating, because it was very tough to navigate. You know, the idea of fame is such a pumped up, almost self-congratulatory notion, like, I'm going to be famous. It was very tricky to navigate and write something that still had energy and gosh-golly about it, without feeling too self-satisfied.

Vivian Cherry, Vicki Sue Robinson, and Luther Vandross are the background singers on "Fame," and Luther Vandross is the one who not only came up with "remember, remember, remember..." but he also stacked the voices on top of, "I'm going to learn how to fly high." He did that. He made a couple of other contributions around the edges, but the "remember" was the major one.

When I did "Fame," it never occurred to me that anybody would mishear Irene Cara sing, "People will see me and cry, Fame!", but people have misheard that as "die." And I was horrified to find that lyric sites would write out the lyric to "Fame" and state as if it were fact that I had written "people will see me and die." No. I had written "people will see me and cry, Fame!" That would be their cry." 

Irene Cara recorded a special performance of the song espcially for "Top of The Pops" in the U.K.

Download Video

Download Album MP3

Download Album Instrumental MP3

Monday, 16 July 2012

Shelter Me - Jesse Borrego

"Shelter Me" written by Nick Di Stefano comes from the season 5 episode "The Incident" and is performed by Jesse Borrego.

Download MP3

Rocker Verastique Music Videos

Music Video Appearances featuring Fame dancer Rocker Verastique, Including Janet Jackson's "Nasty" video and Sylvester's "Someone Like You", which stars Debbie Allen.  

Marguerite Derricks Dance Plug Interview

Fame dancer and choreographer, Marguerite Derricks indepth Dance Plug Interview.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Ebay Item of the Week

This Week a Fame Birthday card with Sound.

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Shaun Earl Snack n Chat Rhythmically Challenged

As the subject is dance this month, Fame dancer Shaun Earl gives advice about the "Rhythmically Challenged". This is episode 6 of his Snack n Chat series.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Debbie Allen on Fame Dancing

Debbie Allen Move TV interview on Fame and the dancing.

MOVE TV - Debbie Allen from MoveTVnetwork.com on Vimeo.

Eartha D Robinson dances to Miss Otis Regrets

Fame Dancer, Eartha D Robinson dances to "Miss Otis Regrets" performed by Ella Fitzgerald. Choreography by Jeffrey Page.