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Friday, 29 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Everyone, I hope you all have a spooky time!

Fame Thriller at Halloween

To download the Mp3 for Thriller by Michael Jackson click the link below:


I Put a Spell On You Raney Shockne ft Eddie Wakes

"I Put A Spell On You" performed by Raney Shockne featuring Eddie Wakes comes from the 2009 Fame Movie.

To download the MP3 click the link below:

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Valerie Landsburg in Thank God It's Friday!

"Thank God It's Friday" from 1978 tells several intertwining stories of the patrons and staff of the fictional Los Angeles club The Zoo. Valerie Landsburg plays Frannie who along with her high school friend, Jeannie (Terri Nunn), wants to win The Zoo's dance contest to buy KISS concert tickets.

To watch the whole movie click the link below:

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Vote For A New School Principle Week 9 The Winner

Sherwood is the Winner of the Vote for a New School Principal polls.

The final results were:

Lydia 11 votes

Sherwood 26 votes

Monday, 25 October 2010

Carlo's Mother dies

Sad news has reached us that Carlo's beloved Mother, Leah has died. Our thoughts are with Carlo and his family at this difficult time.

Here are some messages that Fame cast members have left for Carlo:

Lee Curreri:
"Carlo - I am so sorry to hear about your Mom. I am glad to have had the opportunity to meet her back in the day - she was really a great woman. I know you're going through it right now, big time, but I hope you can find comfort and peace in the fact that she lovingly and skillfully raised a pretty awesome guy. RIP Mrs. Imperato."

Carol Mayo Jenkins:
"Dearest Carlo - Your sweet, wonderful mother - I remember her so well. She made me promise I would look after you all those years ago. So now I guess I will. So much love to you and your family....Carol"

Erica Gimpel:
I send you much love... your mother was so full of love for you that I know her love now lives inside of you.
Peace and Love to you and your precious family!
Thinking of you,

To leave your own messages click to go to Carlo's Facebook page:


Friday, 22 October 2010

Jesse Borrego Dancing to Fame Theme on Italian TV

Jesse Borrego and some dancers dance to the Fame Theme on Italian TV. The theme is an interesting Hybred of the music used at the start of the performance in the final episode and the season 5 & 6 credits as performed by Loretta Chandler.

To download the video click the link below:

To download the MP3 click the link below:


Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Monday, 18 October 2010

Vote For A New School Principle Week 9 The Final

The Final showdown is upon us and it's Lydia Vs Sherwood. Vote for who you want to be the Ultimate Winner.

Vote For the new Principal. This week it's the Final with Lydia Vs Sherwood. Who Wins You Decide!
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Vote For A New School Principle week 8 Winner

Lydia wins this weeks poll after a very close battle and Crandal is eliminated.

The full results are:

Crandal 15 votes

Lydia 16 votes

Friday, 15 October 2010

Fame Script Site Open

The Fame Script site is now open. For those who don't want to download the scripts I will be posting the full scripts so people can read them online, on the new script site.

View Script Site

If anyone has any other scripts that they are willing to share please contact me.


Happy Birthday Morgan Stevens

Happy 55th Birthday To Morgan Stevens for Saturday 16th!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Doris Schwartz Time And Again Part 6

Here's part 6 of my on going Fan Fiction Series "Doris Schwartz Time and Again"

Part six is called "Face To Face "

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Nia Peeples Elements of Life on Forgiveness

Nia Peeples' lastest seminar on Forgiveness is available at:


Fame Trivia - The Most Worn shirt on Fame

First seen being worn by Garcy during the Fame song in "Metamorphosis". The Shirt turned up again worn by Jesse in the Season 6 episode "All I Want For Christmas".

Since then I've noticed Doris Wearing it in the Season 3 epiosde "Consequences". I think she wears it in season 2 but I haven't had time to check the episodes yet.

Then by a member of the band in Season 4's The Ballad of Ray Claxton when Jesse performs.
Someone in the wardrobe department must have really liked it so I'll be looking out for it in other episodes! If you spot it then let me know.

BacK To Back Collins Pennie ft Ashleigh Haney

Back to Back comes from the Fame 2009 soundtrack and is performed Coliins Pennie featuring Ashleigh Haney.

To download the Mp3 click the link below:

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Erica Gimpel on Fame The Musical

Earlier this year Erica Gimpel took part as a judge on an Irish TV talent show titled Fame The Musical. I found this great compilation of some of Erica's best bits on you tube.

To download the video click the link below:


Janet Jackson Where Are You Now Nellee Hooper Mix

"Where Are You Now" is performed by Janet Jackson and comes from her "janet." album. This is the Nellee Hooper Remix.
To download the MP3 click the link below:

Nia Peeples Times Art Radio Interview

Nia Peeples radio interview from 5th October 2010 on Times Art Radio discussing her take on life, family and self improvement.

Listen to internet radio with HumanityHealingHour on Blog Talk Radio

Lori Singer Loving Magazine Interview 1983

Lori Singer interview with Loving Magazine from 1983.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Vote For A New School Principle Week 8

This week it's Crandal Vs Lydia who wins and joins Sherwood in next weeks final? The decision is yours!

Vote For the new Principal. This week it's Crandal Vs Lydia. Who Wins You Decide!
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Vote For A New School Principle Week 7 Winners

Sherwood and Lydia are this weeks winners asn sadly Shorofsky has left the competition.

The results are:

Lydia 13 votes
Sherwood 23 votes &
Shorofsky 12 votes.

Happy Birthday Elisa Heinsohn

Happy Birthday Elisa Heinsohn!

Friday, 8 October 2010

Lee Curreri Hello Magazine Interview 1992

Lee Curreri Interview for Hello Magazine from 1992. Lee talks how he didn't enjoy being on Fame and that it was one of the most conflictive shows on American TV!
To read the Interview click the link below:

Billy Hufsey Great Balls of Fire

"Great Balls of Fire" is performed by Billy Hufsey and comes from his Live album.

To download the MP3 click the link below:

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Fame Top Ten Things I Love No 7!

At number 7 on my count down of the top 10 things I love about Fame is the music.
The music and the songs were such a fabulous part of the show and made the show unique. Other prime time shows used music but none the way Fame did. We knew each week that each episode would bring us some new songs songs to listen to and enjoy.

The up-tempo numbers left us feeling good and the lovely ballads helped us identify with what the characters were feeling and often expressed our own feelings.

Only 2 episodes don't feature any actual songs, although they do have instrumental music, and personally I beleive those episodes fall a little flat.

So many of these songs stand the test of time and I love them as much today as I did when I was a teenager watching the show in the 1980s.

Being able to own some of those songs on album was great and gave an extra dimension for enjoying the show. Sadly the albums stopped and some fantastic songs were never released. Which is why I originally started this blog to enjoy and share those songs.

To discuss click the link below to go to the forum: http://www.atfreeforum.com/kidsfromfamemed/

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

You'll Find A Way Santogold

"You'll Find a Way" performed by Santogold comes from the Soundtrack to the 2009 Fame movie.
To download the MP3 click the link below:

Janet Jackson Interview with Debi Fee 1984

Janet Jackson interview with Debi Fee from 1984. Interesting to read Janet's comments about her body and her looks. The interview highlights Janet's struggles with low self esteem.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Vote For A New School Principle Week 7

This week it's Lydia Vs Sherwood Vs Shorofsky. One Will Leave Who wins you decide!

Vote For the new Principal. This week it's Lydia Vs Sherwood Vs Shorofsky. Who Wins You Decide!
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Vote For A New School Principle Week 6 Winners

Sherwood and Crandal are this weeks winner and it's sad goodbye to Reardon.

The full results were:

Crandal 10 votes,

Reardon 9 votes, &

Sherwood 20 votes

Debbie Allen The Hot Chocolate Nutcracker

Debbie Allen's new musical holiday show:

"The Hot Chocolate Nutcracker is sure to become an annual Holiday Classic. I have taken tradition and given it a new context, fresh lively characters, new music and spectacular dancing to bring a vibrant unforgettable theater experience for all families to enjoy.

Following the idea of the original, its Christmas Eve and the Johnson Family, friends and neighbors are having a grand party. The Christmas gifts are shared and young Kara receives a Nutcracker filled with hot chocolate- her favorite. She falls asleep and the journey begins when the Nutcracker comes alive! She follows him to many lands of wonder: Candy Cane Lane, Egypt, the Rainforrest, Jazzland, Russia and the Land of the Kimona Dolls, China. The entire story is narrated by three wisecracking mice: Harvey, Schmink and Buckey."

Plus, I am going to be in the show! Don't miss this wonderful production created just for you!!

Debbie Allen

Also featuring Carlo Imperato!

For more inforamtion click below to go to the official website.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Fame News!

And so another month begins here on Kids From Fame Media. My how time flies!
We've got the usual mix of MP3s, videos, episodes, interviews etc as we head toward the Halloween Celebrations.

Our polls to Vote for the School Principal continues as does our fan fiction story "Doris Schwartz Time and Again".

This Months Episode of the Month is "Knockout" from season 3 and post start for that on Monday.

Enjoy and Happy Halloween !

Doris Schwartz Time And Again Part 5

Here's part 5 of my on going Fan Fiction Series "Doris Schwartz Time and Again"

Part five is called "To Change What Is Past" 

Read Story

Irene Cara Fame 2010 System 5 remix

Irene Cara System 5 remix of "Fame ".

To download the MP3 click the link below: