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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Fame Top Ten Things I Love No 8!

At number 8 on my count down of the things I love about Fame is Hard work and dedictaion:
It always seemed like the cast of Fame worked harder than any other TV show. Not only was there the acting but the singing, dancing, records, tours etc too. For me all of that made the show so much more appealing. It was never a case of actors just going through the motions on Fame they always seemed to be working really hard.

The characters too were depicted as really hard working and dedicated to their chosen career paths. It was important I think to show the characters struggling to achieve their dreams to demonstrate to the public that Fame didn’t just come easily because people wanted it to.
You had to work hard to earn it and even then hard work didn't always work out how people had planned.

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Janet Jackson Tonight's The Night

Janet Jackson covers Rod Stewart's "Tonight's The Night" on her Velvet Rope album from 1997.

To download the MP3 click the link below:

Lori Singer Boulevard Magazine Article 2009

Article on Lori Singer from Boulevard Magazine October 2009.

To read the article click the link below:

Monday, 27 September 2010

Vote For A New School Principle Week 6

This Week it's Crandal Vs Reardon Vs Sherwood. One will leave vote for who you want to win.

Vote For the new Principal. This week it's Crandal Vs Reardon Vs Sherwood. Who Wins You Decide!
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Vote For A New School Principle Week 5 Winners

This Weeks winners are Lydia and Shorofsky and Mrs Berg has Sadly been eliminated.

The full results are:

Mrs Berg 11 votes:

Lydia 14 votes &

Shorofsky 13 votes

Erica Gimpel New Website Open

Erica Gimpel's new website is now open to celebnrate her career and her music.

Here's a review of Erica performing live:

"She plays the piano so gracefully, while the band played in unison. The performance started out with a relaxing jazz feeling. Comforting the mind body and soul. Tune called “Freedom” she wrote it 2 days after her return from Ireland.

Then she gives more of a classical and upbeat melody that brings the feeling of love without having fear your companion. “Believe in You”. Just believe and trust in your happiness and it will bring you joy.

She expresses the true meaning of being in love and how to cherish the moments that you have with your companion. What is happiness without having love? She simplifies, how easy it is to be in live with someone.

“Where ever the road lead” a caribbean style of melody. She grooved with her drum, while making jokes about having to lift her skirt to play her drum. She’s following the lead of her road to happiness and success. Just believing in yourself knowing that your path will carry you to your destiny.

“Love will come back to me” the choreography to the song was elegant and supported the message of the song. Even when love is lost, it will always come back."

Click below to go to Erica's website:


Debbie Allen Radio Interview after opening night of Twist in Atlanta.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Doris Schwartz Time And Again Part 4

Here's part 4 of my Fan Fiction Series "Doris Schwartz Time & Again"

Part four is called "Lost in Yesterday "

Read Story

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Debbie Allen Interview on Allaince Theatre & Twist

Debbie Allen Interview on the alliance Theatre and her new show Twist.

Preview of the main musical performances from "Twist".

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Billy Hufsey Grease Lightning

"Grease Lightning" is performed by Billy Hufsey and comes from his Live album.
To download the MP3 click the link below:

Jesse Borrego Latino Beatz Interview

Jesse Borrego is interviewed by Latino Beatz about the movie "La Mission".

To read the interview click the link below:

Glee Returns

I'm very excited because tonight sees the return of "Glee" on America TV for it's season 2 premiere. We are promised new characters, a Britney Spears themed episode, a Rocky Horror themed episode and much much more. I'm really looking forward to this and I see it as an updated version of Fame.

Monday, 20 September 2010

We're Back!

Hello Everyone,

We're back and New Post start today and every week day until our Christmas break! Yes I'm already planning December posts!

I've returned refreshed and raring to go after my holiday and have been thinking hard about future plans for Kids from Fame Media. There are some exciting things to come but I'll reveal more nearer the time.

Thanks for the messages and emails while I've been away I'll get round to replying to them all as soon as I can.

So for the rest of September we have our usual mix of music, video, interviews etc.

The episode of the Month is "Coco Returns", which starts tomorrow, and our polls to vote for a new School principle continue with a new poll starting today.

Also the fan fiction story Doris Schwartz Time and Again continues but see Todays behind the scenes post for more information.

As always, if you want to email me with questions, ideas, requests then my email address is at the top of the page.


Doris Schwartz Time And Again Behind the Scenes

Well, I've had some great feedback on my fan fiction story "Doris Schwartz Time and Again" and lots of questions have been raised. "How did she get there?", "What's happening?", "Is it a Dream?" etc..

I'm not going to give away the story so you'll just have to keep reading, ha ha!. There will be clues along the way. All I will say is it's not a dream!

Originally, I thought this story would just be continuous and I would post a new episode whenever I’d written it. However part way through writing I felt the story demanded to be broken down into seasons and each season have a theme which would conclude in the season finale with a cliff hanger. So that is how the story will now unfold. There are 9 parts in season 1 which are all now written and I will post over the coming weeks.

When I started writing all I had was the idea of sending Doris back in time and reliving events from the past from a new perspective. I actually had no idea myself what had caused this to happen and how I was going to explain it or where the story was actually going. I just wanted the story to sort of involve time travel and play with the rules of time and involve revisiting the Fame episode. I wanted to deal with the existing continuity and maybe bridge some gaps in that continuity but at the same time play with the stories as Doris’ actions change the past.

I threw in certain mysteries to the story like Mrs Berg recognising Doris and knowing there was a problem, without personally knowing how or why that was part of the story. It just seemed like a good idea at the time and I knew I didn’t have to explain it straight away and hoped a good idea might come to me.

As I neared writing the end of season 1 and considered future storylines the ideas seemed to fall in place and suddenly I knew exactly why Doris was in the past and how certain parts of the story would fit into that. I also knew at what point in the story some of the answers would be revealed.

At the time of writing this I still aren’t sure of the ending or when that will come but I’m confident that when the time is right that the ideas will fall into place too.

All the episode titles and the main title actually come from various fame songs:

"Time and Again" itself comes from "Turn to Me" from the line "Time and Again this World just keeps on turning".

"All My Past Behind" comes from "Starmaker" and refers to not only Doris being back in the past but also how she has left her current life behind, which for her is also the past.

"To See Your Face Again" is obviously the song Reggie sang when Nicole dies so it seemed appropriate for the story of how Doris' Mother died.

Doris will be moving between various episodes, even ones that we didn't see her character appear on screen.

I'd like to make this story interactive and for the future seasons I may set up polls for you to decide where Doris goes next.

However in the meantime if you have any suggestions of which episodes you'd like Doris to move to then let me know. I can't promise to use every suggestion but I'll do my best.

The next episode "Lost In Yesterday" goes live on September 23rd!


Janet Jackson For Colored Girls Trailer

Here's the trailer for Janet Jackson's new movie "For Colored Girls". This Tyler Perry film also stars Whoopie Goldberg and Debbie Allen's sister Phylicia Rashad. Out in the U.S. on 5th Novemeber.

Fame Theme Piano version

Beautiful ballad version of the Fame theme performed on Piano.

To download the MP3 click the link below:


Vote For A New School Principle Week 5

For the rest of this competition, Polls will now go live every Monday.

This week it's Mrs Berg Vs Lydia Vs Shorofsky.

One person will leave. Vote for who you want to win!

Vote For the new Principal. This week it's Mrs Berg, Vs Lydia Vs Shorofsky. Who Wins You Decide!
Mrs Berg
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Vote For A New School Principle Week 4 Winners

The results from the last poll are:

Mrs Berg 20 votes
Crandal 20 votes
Lydia 25 votes
Lou 2 votes
Morloch 18 votes
Reardon 20 votes
Sherwood 45 votes
21 votes

So Lou and Morloch are eliminated!