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Monday, 31 May 2010


My cable supplier have been out to look at the damage but are unable to arrange to fix things until after the building work is complete which at the moment is around June 8th. So there will be no new posts until after then I'm afraid. My apologies for the inconvenience!

Best Wishes,


Thursday, 27 May 2010

Fame News!

My apologies currently I have the builders in and they have cut through the cable for my internet access. Kids from Fame Media will return when I'm back online. Which will hopefully be soon.


Carol Mayo Jenkins Artist Spotlight 2009 Interview

Carol Mayo Jenkins Interview with Ray Sikorski Artists spotlight.

Read Interview

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Debbie Allen article Jet Magazine 1992

Debbie Allen article from Jet Magazine 1992 about being the producer and director of NBC's "A Different World".

Click the link below to go to the article:

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Monday, 24 May 2010

Welcome Back!

Hi Everyone,

Kids from Fame Media returns with new posts today. Now while I was away I believe there were issues with people trying to access the site and I myself came back to a message that the site had been deleted! Also I couldn’t access my Google email account which is linked to Blogger, the facility this site is built on.

Now, I managed to get things sorted out relatively easily and to be honest I am still uncertain what the actual problem was but it has given me some cause for concern. A lot of time and effort has gone into this site and I would hate for that to just disappear as though it never existed. I have known for some time that Blogger does delete sites, without warning that breech copyright law. Now even though most of the stuff I post has never been released commercially or if it has is now out of print, so sharing it is not affecting any individual writers or artists profits, I obviously don’t own any copyright to the Fame music and videos and thus this site still breeches copyright law.

We could debate the right and wrongs of the law and how it’s unfair that companies who own the copyright lock things away so people like us can’t access it but it doesn’t change anything. I’d always hoped that this site would pretty much fall under the radar of anyone who would have an issue with copyright especially as I thought the numbers of people involved weren’t worth doing anything about. This recent problem has made me think again.

I have already looked into the possibility of transferring the site to a new host and even set up a couple of them by importing all the previous posts to those sites but those sites were not flexible enough to make them viable options so although you may come across these sites as I have left them on the web, they won’t be updated and that search for a new permanent home will continue.

In the meantime I will continue to post here for as long as I’m allowed but please either befriend me on Facebook (Kids From Fame Media has it’s own page too which you can join) or book mark the episode guide and/or the forum:



If anything did happen to this site, then Kids From Fame Media would continue in the short term on those sites, until I could find a new place to start this site again. The majority of video and written interview material is already on the episode guide and over time I will change the song and episode download links on each episode so they go directly to mediafire, where the files are stored rather than direct you to the pages on this site.

If I can work out how to do it then I may set up a mailing list that people can join so if anything did happen then at least I can contact people and let you know where to find us.

Due to the site problems I have not had a chance to set up a new Big Brother vote for this week so rather than just have a few days for a new vote, the current Jesse Vs Chris vote will continue until Friday, when a new vote will replace it and to catch up that will be a double eviction with 4 characters up for nomination.

Many Thanks for the continued messages of support,

Best Wishes,


Erica Gimpel Irish Independent Interview 2010

Erica Gimpel Interview with Irish Independent newspaper promoting Fame the musical talent show on Irish TV and talking about being a buddist.

Read Interview

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Holiday Time!

Okay so there will be no new posts for a few days as I'm off on Holiday.

Kids From fame Media will return with new posts on May 24th.

Best Wishes,


Fame Big Brother Week 7 Vote Now!

It's Chris Vs Jesse who wins you decide!

It's FAME Big Brother! This Week Chris Vs Jesse. Who Wins You Decide!
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Fame Big Brother week 6 winner

Leroy wins round 6 of Big Brother with 53% of the vote and stays to fight another day. Sadly Lydia with just 2 votes less has left the Big Brother Auditorium .

Happy Birthday Janet Jackson

Happy 44th Birthday to Janet Jackson for May 16th.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Fame Big Brother Week 6 Vote Now!

This week it's a Dance off with Leroy Vs Lydia!

Who wins you devide - Vote Now! This weeks poll will end on Thursday morning next week so I can change it before I go away.

Fame Merchandise Tote Bag

Fame Rainbow coloured Tote Bag is available at
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Monday, 10 May 2010

Carol Mayo Jenkins 2009 Interview

An indepth interview with Carol Mayo Jenkins by Jonathan Pinkerton spanning Carol's whole career. Carol talks about her time on Fame and her thoughts on Debbie Allen.

Read Interview

Saturday, 8 May 2010

More Music From the Motion Picture Fame Album

A second soundtrack has been released from the fame 2009 movie title More Music From the Motion Picture Fame. The Tracksliting is:

  1) This Year (Dialog) Debbie Allen 
  2) Fame (T Blade Hip-Hop Remix) Naturi Naughton 
  3) Why Do You Keep Trying? (Dialog) Asher Book & Kay Panabaker 
  4) Try (Radio Mix) Asher Book 
  5) The-Boyz-N-The-Hood (Dialog) Anna Maria Perez de TaglĂ© & Paul Iacono
  6) I Want Candy Anna Maria Perez de TaglĂ© 

  7) That’s Your Power (Dialog) Charles S. Dutton 
  8) Hold Your Dream (Acoustic) Naturi Naughton 
  9) Drum Beat Dance (feat. Kristy Flores & J.T. Horenstein) Raney Shockne 
10) Fly Me to the Moon Asher Book 
11) I Have an Idea (Dialog) Paul Iacono 
12) What a Mighty God We Serve Pasadena Community College Gospel Choir 
13) Success Is Not (Dialog) Kay Panabaker 
14) Gravity Asher Book 
15) Habanera Hailey Villaire 
16) You Might Make a Wonderful Teacher (Dialog) Bebe Neuwirth 
17) Dust James Grundler 
18) Everything I Ever Hoped For (Dialog) Paul Iacono 
19) Fame (Karaoke Instrumental Version) 
20) Out Here On My Own (Karaoke Instrumental Version)
21) All That Jazz Patrick Censoplano

To purchase from Amazon.com
click on the buy from Amazon link.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Fame Big Brother Week 5 winners

After last weeks mass eviction the following characters remain in the competition:

Bruno, Chris, Coco, Danny, Doris, Holly, Jesse, Leroy, Lydia & Nicole.

While Cleo, Dusty, Julie Kate, Maxie & Reggie, have been evicted.

All previous results can be found in the forum:

Monday, 3 May 2010

Fame News!

Another Month begins on Kids From Fame Media! It'll be a shorter month than normal I'm afraid because I'm away on Holiday from May 13th for 10 days. Still there's some great things to come this month including some interesting Instrumental versions of some of our favourite Fame songs, which starts today with "Be Your Own Hero.

Episode of the Month is "The Ballad Of Ray Claxton" From Season 4 and posts for that start tomorrow.

Later in the month I will be posting "Passing Grade" from Season 1 which will be the next episode to get an audio commentary.

Fame Big Brother continues so don't forget to keep voting for your favourite characters to keep them in with a chance of winning! All the remaining characters are up for eviction this week and 6 people are leaving as there are only 10 slots to be filled. Who stays you decide!

Jesse Borrego Interview

Brief Interview with Jesse Borrego at San Antonio College.