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Friday, 29 January 2010

My Top Ten Pet Hates On Fame - No 10

This post sees the start of a new feature as I count down my personal top 10 pet hates on Fame. The little annoying continuity errors that didn't exactly spoil the show but stuck out like a sore thumb.
Kicking off at Number 10 is Danny Never Graduating!
Carlo Spent 6 years playing Danny as a student at the High School for Performing Arts. Now as I’m not American I’m not an expert on the American school system but I have been told that it is possible for a student to stay so long in High School if they had to repeat a grade or two for some reason.

My pet hate comes from the fact that we never get an explanation why Danny has to stay in school. I would assume that students would have to repeat grades if they missed a lot of lessons for some reason or perhaps weren’t bright enough to pass the course first time round.

However none of this is explained for Danny. He certainly seems intelligent enough when we see him in lessons. Yes he may struggle with some things but not obviously more than any of the other kids who we do see graduate. For goodness sake if Leroy can pass then Danny should have had no problem.

Also from Season 3’s “Consequences” we see the introduction of the whole C average grade rule. Now Danny not only starred in but was the lead in many of the School’s productions so presumably he had to have been achieving the required C average. So I would assume that would be enough to allow him to graduate.

Carlo has mentioned in interviews that lots of fans would ask him when Danny was going to graduate so the producers must have been aware that the public thought it strange. Doris, Bruno and Montgomery joke with Danny in the final episode and comment about him not graduating so unless the cast were adlibbing the writers were aware of the issue too.

What makes it more strange is that in season 6 we see Chris graduate after he’s only spent 3 years in High School. It would have made more sense to have Chris stay and complete his 4 years in High School and have Danny graduate. It always makes me wonder why the producers and the writers decided against that.

One great theory I heard as an explanation of why Danny didn’t graduate at the end of season 4 along with Leroy and Doris was that he’d missed a lot of school when he was ill with cancer and had to repeat a year to catch up. So, that would have been a great way to explain why he’s still in school, in season 5, and then they could graduate him at the start of season 6.

All it would have taken was a couple of lines of dialogue to explain things but sadly the producers and writers chose against doing it.

So that is my 10th biggest pet hate on Fame. Stay tuned for more to come.
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Cynthia Gibb I Still Believe In Me Live

Cynthia Gibb performed "I Still Believe In Me" during the recent Fame live in Italy concerts with Disco Inferno.

To download the MP3 click the link below:


To download the video click the link below:


Nia Peeples Elements of Life Teleseminar

Join Nia Peeples on her Elements of Life Teleseminar on February 1st 2010.
For more information go to www.niapeeples.org
Below are 2 messages from Nia encouraging people to join her new health programme but first a message from Loretta Chandler:
My name is Loretta Chandler. Some of you may know me as "Dusty Tyler" when I worked on "Fame" with Nia. What you may not know is "Fame" was my very first professional gig. I really wanted it, but I was also very afraid. On some days terrified that my lack of knowledge would cause me to lose this wonderful opportunity. But, by the grace of God, I had someone to lean on and learn from. I had Nia. Nia was not only a co-worker, she was like my big sister; showing me the ropes, sharing with me her insights and welcoming me into her home. I'm so grateful to know that since then, life has arranged it so that we always find our way back to each other. I work more behind the scenes now writing and directly plays. I also partner with some very special people who own a company called HCI Media Group. We are an audio and video integration company using the technology of today to advance worthy dreams like Nia's. When Nia shared with me her vision for "Elements of Life" I was immediately drawn in by Nia's unique ability to understand the challenges that women face. She understood me. So it was no surprise to me to find that she has a strong desire to help others and when she shared with me how "happiness is achieved when you learn through discovery how to embrace your greatest you" I wanted to know more. The "Elements of Life" is one of the most fascinating resource manuals I have ever read. The writing not only flows, it's funny and profound at the same time. Once you pick it up, you lose track of time as you feel an inner transformation already taking place. Wait till you learn about the three R's. You'll get goose bumps. Nia, thank you for taking the time to produce a wonderful tool that we all now have the opportunity to take advantage of. You've always been very perceptive and this book shows all the wonderful qualities that make you my friend and an incredible person. There are many pearls of wisdom laced in the pages, but this one I'm going to take with me always, "... for me it's no longer about reaching for the perfect life -- it's about living a life full of perfection."

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Choreography TV Special Feature

Season 2 guest star Marge Champion counts introduces some of America's top Choreographers from an 80s TV special Featuring Debbie Allen and some of the Fame Dancers.

Kherrington Payne introduces a featurette on the dancing on the Fame remake movie. Featuring mini interview with choreographer Marguerite Derricks.

To download the video click the link below:

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Monday, 25 January 2010

Debbie Allen Support the Alfred E Mann Foundation

Debbie Allen and her dance academy's Cirque Du Soleil team support the Alfred e Mann Foundation.

Irene Cara Break Dance

"Breakdance" was a single taken from Irene's "What A Feelin" album from 1983.

This is the radio edit version.

To download the MP3 click the link below:

Asher Book Interview From Clevver TV

Asher Book Interview with Clevver TV on Fame and V Factory.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Fame Caption Competition

I Found this great picture of Debbie Allen, Valerie Landsburg and Lee Curreri as they celebrated Fame's 12 Emmy nominations. Anyone got any ideas for a fun caption to go along with the picture?

Nia Peeples Mr G Interview part 6 Love Sex & Marriage

Nia Peeples Interview with Mr G, discussing love, sex and marriage.
Interesting that Nia discusses loses her virginity and that she didn't have sex until she was first married.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Naturi Naughton Fame Instrumental Mixes

Here are 2 of the instrumental remixes that come from Fame remixes Vol 1.

To download the Chris Cox Club instrumental click the link below:

To Download the Paul Okenfold club Instrumental click the link below:

Kevin Tancharoen Radio Interview

Here's a radio interview for Fame remake Movie Director Kevin Tancharoen.

To download the MP3 click the link below:

Fame Merchandise Fame Clothing

FAME Clothing is available at M & Co.

For more information or to order click the link below:


Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Debbie Allen Oman O Man on the Red Carpet

Debbie Allen and other Celebrities are interviewed on the Red Carpet at the premiere of Debbie's "Oman O Man" production.

Nia Peeples Mr G Interview part 5 Career Advice

Nia Peeples Interview with Mr G discussing Career Advice.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Monday, 18 January 2010

The Waters Dance Medley Live

The Waters and the Fame dancers performed this dance medley in the 1984 live concert special "The Heart Of Rock n Roll" part 1 from season 4.

"Rock Around the Clock" "The Stroll" "The Loco-Motion" "The Monkey Time" "The Twist" "Walking the Dog"
"Disco Inferno"
"Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming"

To download the MP3 click the link below:


To download the video click the link below:


Nia Peeples Mr G Interview part 4 worst times

Nia Peeples Interview with Mr G discussing her worse acting role.


Friday, 15 January 2010

Happy Birthday Debbie Allen

It's Debbie Allen's birthday tomorrow January 16th and she's celebrating being the wondeful age of 60 years old.

Oh behalf of everyone I just want to wish her a very Happy Birthday.

To Celebrate Debbie's special day the new Debbie Allen Fame Star site is open.

The site brings together pictures, video, music and information about Debbie's life and career. Much of the information has already been posted here but this new site brings it all together in one place.

As time allows I'm hoping to do individual sites for each of the Fame cast.

To go to Debbie's Site click the link below:

You're The One That I Want Cynthia Gibb & Jesse Borrego

Cynthia Gibb and Jesse Borrego perform "You're The One That I Want" during the recent concerts in Italy with "Disco Inferno".

To download the video click the link below:
To download the MP3 click the link below:


Thursday, 14 January 2010

Gene Anthony Ray & Jesse Borrego Stevie Wonder Medley

Gene Anthony Ray, Jesse Borrego and the Waters performed this Stevie Wonder medley from the season 4 concert special "The Heart Of Rock n Roll" part 2.

"Fingertips (Part 2)" – Performed by Gene
"Living for the City" – Performed by the Waters
"Isn't She Lovely" – Performed by Jesse
"Superstition" – Performed by the Waters
"Keep on Running" – Performed by the Waters
"Ribbon in the Sky" – Performed by the Waters
"Do I Do" – Performed by the Waters

To download the MP3 click the link below:


To download the MP3 click the link below:


Michael Cerveris Radio Interview

Michael Cerveris Interview from Blogtalkradio.com

To download the MP3 click the link below:


Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Nia Peeples Mr G Interview part 3 Best Moments

Nia Peeples Interview with Mr G discussing Fame being the Best Time she's had in the industry.

Irene Cara Fame/Out Here On My Own Live Medley

Irene Cara performs a medley of "Fame" and "Out Here on My Own" from the American Academy Awards Show 1981.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Janet Jackson Make Me EPK & Remixes

Here's a Behind the Scenes Electronic Press Kit for Janet Jackson's Make Me Single.

To download the video click the link below:

To download any of the following "Make Me" Remixes click the link below:
Make Me - Bimbo Jones Vocal Remix
Make Me - Bimbo Jones Dub Remix
Make Me - Moto Blanco Club Remix
Make Me - Moto Blanco Dub Mix
Make Me - Ralphi Rosario Martini Club Remix
Make Me - Dave Aude Club edit
Make Me - Album Version

Fame Season 2 U.S. DVD release

The Region 1 DVD for Fame Season 2 (only) is released in America & Canada today.

The region 2 DVD will be released in the U.K. on Monday 18th January.

The DVD will be released in Australia & France on 3rd February 2010.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Inside Fame on Television - Michael Hoey

Good news we now have release information for Michael Hoey's book:

Inside Fame on Television a behind the scenes history. There's 234 pages and it includes 45 photos.

The book was released in America on January 4th and is available from Amazon priced $35.00. click below to order:

Amazon.co.uk gives a release date for the U.K. of 10th May 2010 priced £28.50
Click the link below to pre-order:

The book can also be bought directly from Macfarland publishers priced $35.00

The book is sceduled for release in Canada in February and is available to pre-order at amazon price CDN$36.99. Click the link below:

Here's a list of the chapters, some of those which sound really interesting and I can't wait to read it. I've just ordered my copy from America so I'm looking forward to that arriving:

1. How It All Began
2. Metamorphosis
3. New Arrivals
4. Reflections on a Group of Talented Performers
5. Gathering Clouds
6. A New Hierarchy
7. Five, Six, Seven, Eight
8. Across the Pond
9. And the Winner Is
10. We’re Back in Business!
11. Some Serious Changes
12. And Some New Directors
13. A Family Crisis
14. Another Assignment and a Mistake
15. We Have to Say Goodbye
16. The New Producers
17. A Downhill Slide
18. Things Get Crazy
19. It’s Looking Good, but Not for Long
20. On Location
21. Hello and Goodbye
22. New Hands at the Wheel
23. A Good Beginning
24. The Last of the New Kids
25. And So It Is Over
26. Fame Lives On
27. A Final Goodbye

Is "Glee" the new "Fame"?

As “Glee” comes to the U.K. and starts airing tonight on E4 at 9.00pm I ask is “Glee” the new “Fame”?

Just like in 1982 when I first saw the ads for Fame, I didn’t take too much notice of them but the more I saw them the more intrigued I became about the show and definitely decided to watch and when I did I loved it from the first episode, the same is true of 2010 and “Glee”.

The only difference is in 2010 I can go online and find endless information about the show, watch clips and I even downloaded all 13 episodes (so far) of the first season. I sat down on Wednesday night and watched the first 3 episodes back to back and loved it. It was real laugh out loud feel good fun with some great music. How I wished I could have done the same back in the 80s with “Fame”. My how the World has changed since then but I guess that’s only to be expected when the “Fame” TV show is approaching its 30th year anniversary in 2012. Oh dear I feel old so it’s good to have something new to make me feel like a 14 year old again.

So, as the World has changed in nearly 3 decades so has television, but for me there are still some strong similarities between the two shows. We have the singing, the dancing and the use of songs to emphasise the point of the story. A spirit of hope and that hard work will help them develop their talent and achieve their dreams. A group of people who viewed as misfits by the rest of the World, each with their own unique personalities, who just want to fit in and achieve something with their lives.

Both shows released soundtracks and I believe the “Glee” cast will be on tour later in the year just like the Fame kids were all those years ago.

Naturally there are difference too as “Glee” is definitely more of an out and out comedy and a satire with over the top storylines. Where as, certainly in it’s early years, “Fame” was more of a straight drama which just used comedy as part of the script.

I just know that here are 2 shows that from the beginning I can’t get enough of. On Thursday I downloaded the soundtracks and watched the next 4 episodes. I already have the same enthusiasm for “Glee” that I had for “Fame” all those years ago and as they are similar shows I wanted to share that here.

One thing I’m hoping for that with the remake “Fame” film from last year and the success of “Glee” that the American networks would consider seriously remaking a new “Fame” TV series. There is obviously still a market for a show that includes song and dance. Naturally “Fame” 2010 would be different to “Fame” 1982 but done right I think a new TV show could work really well and spark an interest in the old series which may mean we finally see all 6 seasons out on DVD.

In the mean time I’m going to continue enjoying the sheer fun of “Glee”. To give you some idea of what I’m talking about here’s a videos of the show.

To discuss and cast your vote click the link below to go to the forum:

To download the MP3 of the Glee Cast singing "Don't Stop Believin" click below:

Kids From Fame Fame live 1984

Fame live is performed in the season 4 concert special "The Heart of Rock n Roll" part 2 by the Kids from Fame and The Waters.

To download the Mp3 click the link below:


To download the Video click the link below:


Friday, 8 January 2010

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Valerie Landsburg Abundance Live

Abundance is performed by Valerie Landsburg and comes from her "Higher Ground Live" album.

To download the MP3 click the link below:

Debbie Allen on the American Music Awards 1984

Debbie Allen and Deborah Allen clear up the confusion over their names at the 1984 American Music Awards as they present an award to Lionel Richie.

To Download the video click the link below:

Nia Peeples Mr G Interview part 2 Your Craft

Nia Peeples interview with Mr G on showbusiness.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Cynthia Gibb Together (Wherever We Go)

Cynthia Gibb performs "Together (wherever We Go) with Bette Midler & Peter Reigert from the 1993 film Gypsy.

To download the MP3 from the Gypsy Soundtrack click the link below:


Fame Reunion Autograph show

I've been notified by one of the organisers of a Fame type convention in Italy that they are hoping to put on in April or May 2010. They are hoping to arrange for 7 or 8 of the cast members to take part where they will meet fans and sell photos and autographs. They are also hoping to screen episodes and that the cast will perform some songs at a show in the evening.

Details are sketchy at the moment. Cynthia Gibb seems to be involved and she is in contact with Carlo about it. As Jesse and Nia both performed in the recent Italian concerts organised by the same people I assume that they will take part too. As soon as I know anymore I'll let people know. I'm certainly hoping to attend myself and it would be nice to be able to meet up with other fans too.

So watch this space for updates.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Kids From Fame Live Pop Medley 1984

The Pop Medley comes fromt he season 4 concert special "The Heart of Rock n Roll part 2" and features Billy Hufsey, Janet Jackson, Jesse Borrgo, BValerie Landsburg, Nia Peeples and Carlo Imperato.

"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" – Performed by Valerie and Janet
"Dancing in the Sheets" – Performed by Nia

"Dancing in the Dark" – Performed by Carlo

"When Doves Cry" – Performed by Jesse
"Ghostbusters" – Performed by Billy & Carlo

To download the MP3 click the link below:


To downlaod the video click the link below:


Nia Peeples Mr G Interview part 1 Training

Nia Peeples interview with Mr G about her training and fitness regime.


Erica Gimpel Spread Your Wings and Fly live Album

Erica Gimpel's self penned Debut album "Spread My Wings and Fly" is now available to buy or download from either CD baby or digsatation. The album is a laid back easy listening jazz style.

Clcik the links below to purchase, download or preview the album tracks.



Official press release is on 16th January

Album information:

Erica Gimpel - vocals, piano and dumbec

featuring:Ryan Cross- bass and cello

Cristiano Novelli - percussion/drums

Alma Cielo - violin

Louis Van Taylor - flute, tenor and soprano sax, bass clarinetwith:

John Meeks, Lisa Vidal, Cortney Wright-bg vocals

All music and lyrics written by Erica GimpelWomans Paradise Music (ASCAP)

Monday, 4 January 2010

Welcome Back To A New Year on Kids From Fame Media

Hi everyone,
I hope you all enjoyed the festive season and had a good New Year Celebrations.

Well the break is truly over and it's back to work and Kids From Fame Media is now back and posting with the first posts of 2010.

Things did get rather time consuming for me on the site towards the end of last year so my New Years resolution is to give myself a little more free time and to that purpose there will be no new posts on Weekends as I will only be posting Monday to Friday each week.

The January episode of the month will be "Czach Mate" from season 4 and posts for that will start on 11th January.



Happy Birthday Lee

It's Lee Curreri's 49th Birthday today.

Happy birthday Lee!

Naturi Naughton Fame Renholder mixes

Here are two remixes of the Fame theme by Naturi Naughton from the Fame remixes vol 1 CD. The remixes are the Renholder Club mix and Renholder Instrumental mix.
To download the club mix MP3 click the link below:
To download the Instrumental MP3 clcik the link below:

Nia Peeples Holiday Message

Here's a Holiday message from Nia Peeples to her fans and talking about her new health and Beauty programme.

To sign up for her Elements of Life programme go to:



The DVD and Blu Ray releases of the 2009 Fame Movie remake are available from 12th January on Region 1 in the U.S. and from 25th January on Region 2 in the U.K.
The EXTENDED DANCE EDITION of the film, featuring over 15 minutes of thrilling dance footage you couldn't see in theaters!
Other special features include:
Widescreen Feature Film Theatrical Version
Widescreen Feature Film Extended Version
Forced Trailers: Digital Copy, Whip It, 500 Days of Summer, Flicka 2, Glee
15 Deleted Scenes
Fame National Talent Search Contest Winner
Music Video
Trailer Farm: Post Grad, All About Steve