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Friday, 31 July 2009

Fame Movie 2009 Poster 6

Remember my name, how could we forget with all these posters to pronmote the new Fame film.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Fame Movie 2009 Poster 5

yet another poster to promote the new fame film release on 25th Septemeber 2009.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Fame Movie 2009 Poster 3

Promotional poster for the new Fame movie.

Morgan Stevens interview 1991

In 1989 Morgan Stevens was reportedly attacked by Police after being arrested by Los Angeles for a driving offence. In 1991 after Morgan's Lawyers a greed an undisclosed settlement with LAPD this article was printed in the LA Times. Morgan was hoping to then rebuild his life and career but very little has been heard from him since.

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Monday, 27 July 2009

Fame Movie 2009 Poster 2

Fame movie 2009 promotional poster

Fame 2001 interview Where Are They Now?

I found this 2001 article From the Sunday Mirror. It's a where are they now type article and focuses on Gene, who gives a brief interview but all the season cast are mentioned so it's quite interesting. Due to space restrictions here I've copied the article to the episode guide.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Fame Movie 2009 Poster

A new set of posters for the new 2009 Fame Movie have been released and I'll be posting them over the next few days. Here's the first one.

I've also changed my site picture to incorporate the new logo.

Irene Cara Thunder in My Heart

"Thunder In My Heart" comes from Irene's 1982 album "Anyone Can See".

Bring Back Fame with Justin Lee Collins

While searching the internet as I do regularly to find the latest Fame news, I came across an interview with Justin Lee Collins, who presented the Bring Back Fame show at the end of last year and he mentions a couple of the fame interviews.

When asked which interview had been the most fun justin said:

"Lee Curreri, who played Bruno Martelli in Fame, he was a lovely guy. I could quite easily spend all day with him."

This is interesting because in the show Lee didn't seemed quite reluctant to do the interview at first. Althoygh I always felt that reaction was a little staged as it seemed out of character for Lee.

However, more interesting, when asked who’s been the toughest interviewee? Justin said:

"There was a tough one in Bring Back Fame, when I managed to track down Erica Gimpel, who played Coco Hernandez. That was quite a difficult interview. Some people are always less willing to talk about the past than others."

Now in the show they seemed to get on really well and Erica seemed happy and lots of fun! I guess you never can tell.

Read Full Interview 

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Further DVD Art Work announced

Here are the individual covers for the season 1 & 2 cases in the new Region One Fame DVD boxset due for release on 15th September. Featuring Gene & Erica on the covers. I'm really loving the designs and am getting more excited about the release. I really hope we are going to get all the other seasons released and all the art work ties in with the same theme. Who would feature on the future releases? Really it should be Valerie and Carlo but are there any action poses like these ones for them. I hope so!

Naturi Naughton Fame Interview and Fame Theme remix

Meet Denise the new Coco in the new 2009 version of the Fame film. She is played by Naturi Naughton. In the interview Naturi talks about her role in the film and sings a live preview of the New Fame Theme song.

The theme has also been remixed by lots of top DJs to promote the film and Fame the remixes Volume 1 has been launched as download only at itunes.

This is the Chris Cox radio edit

To download the MP3 click the link below:

Sadly I can't link the video here without losing half the other post!!

Anyway to watch the video go to:


Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Debbie Allen Choreographer Featurette

A brief featurette talking to Debbie about being a choreographer.

To download the video click the link below:


Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Irene Cara Radio Interview

Here's a radio interview I found with Irene. There are adverts at the beginning but it's quite interesting to here her talk especially how everyone pronounces her name wrong. Have to same I've been guilty of that for the last 27 years. In fact I think the whole of the U.K. gets it wrong!! Whoops Sorry Irene!

Any problems getting it to play here, go to:


Monday, 20 July 2009

FAME 2009 Soundtrack information

Here’s the track list for the soundtrack to the Fame remake, which releases August 25th.
1. Fame 09 Intro - Naturi Naughton
2. This Is My Life/Cafeteria Jam - Hopsin, Ak’sent, Tynisha Kelly, and Donte
“Burger” Winston
3. Black & Gold - Sam Sparrow
4. Ordinary People - Asher Book
5. Can’t Hide From Love - Naturi Naughton & Collins Pennie
6. Out Here On My Own - Naturi Naughton
7. You’ll Find A Way [Switch & Sinden Remix] - Santigold
8. Get On The Floor - Naturi Naughton & Collins Pennie
9. Street Hustlin’ - Raney Shockne featuring Stella Marie
10. Back To Back - Collins Pennie
11. Try - Asher Book
12. What A Mighty God We Serve - Pasadena Community College Gospel Choir
13. You Made Me Love You - Raney Shockne featuring Oren Waters
14. You Took Advantage Of Me - Megan Mullally
15. Someone To Watch Over Me - Asher Book
16. I Put A Spell On You - Raney Shockne featuring Eddie Wakes
17. Too Many Woman [Damon Elliott Remix] - Rachael Sage
18. Hold Your Dream/Graduation - Naturi Naughton, Asher Book, and Kay
19. Fame 09 - Naturi Naughton

I'm looking forward to hearing this new music as I've really liked the snippets we've heard so far in the previews for the film. I already know Black and Gold by Sam Sparro amd that was one of my favourite songs from 2008. Interesting also that Fame backing singer and male solo on some of the TV songs Oren Waters dfeatures on the album.

Michael Delorenzo Without You

"Without You" comes from Michael's self penned 2009 album "Rescue Me".

To downlaod the MP3 click the link below:


Saturday, 18 July 2009

Janet Jackson Days Go By (and I'm So Lost Without You)

"Days Go By" is a rare bonus track from the Japanese issue of Janet's "20 Y.O" album from 2006. I found this video on You Tube as a tribute to Janet and Michael and it fits really nicely to the song.

Friday, 17 July 2009

MP3 Player

To save people having to constantly scroll down to the bottom of the page to turn the music off I've moved the MP3 player to the top of the page. It's now located on the right hand side column under my profile. It is a small grey box under the MP3 player heading. To turn the music off simply click the pause button symbol next to the speaker.

The links for the Sing For You review are now working properly.

Out Here On My Own Karaoke Track

"Out Here On My Own" written by Michael Gore and dean Pitchford comes from the original Fame Movie and from the season 3 episode "Stages".

This is a Karaoke version of the song.

To download the MP3 click the link below:


Thursday, 16 July 2009

Kids from Fame Motown Vs The Beach Medley Live

The Motown Vs The Songs of the Beach Medley was performed by Nia Peeples, Carlo Imperato, Gene Anthony Ray and Janet Jackson during the season 4 concert special "The Heart of Rock n Rock" part 2.

"Barbara Ann" – Performed by Carlo
"Standing In The Shadows of Love" – Performed by Gene

"Do You Want to Dance" – Performed by Nia
"Dancing In The Street" – Performed by Janet
"Good Vibrations" – Performed by Carlo

"I Heard It Through The Grapevine" – Performed by Gene
"Fun Fun Fun" – Performed by Nia

"I Want You back" – Performed by Janet
"Wipe Out" – Performed by Carlo
"Ain't No Mountain High Enough" – Performed by Carlo, Janet, Nia, and Gene

To downlaod the MP3 click the link below:


To download the video click the link below:


Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Fame Region 1 Season 1 & 2 DVD boxset Press Release

The Press release to promote the new season 1 and 2 box set has been published and is available to read at www.tvshowondvd.com

Giving background information and Listing the 38 episodes that are included, sadly the set doesn't seem to included "The Kids From Fame Live" behind the scenes episode. However there is a special feature titled "Fame Then and Now".

To read the full press release go to


Jesse Borrego Stay With Me Tonight

Jesse performed "Stay With Me Tonight" dueing the season 4 concert special "The Heart Of Rock N Roll" part 2. It was originally recorded by Jeffrey Osborne.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Carrie Hamilton Do You Believe In Magic

"Do You Believe In Magic" comes from the 1988 film "Tokyo Pop" and is performed by Carrie and Yutaka Tadokoro

To download the MP3 click the link below:

To Download the video click the link below:

Friday, 10 July 2009

Reg 1DVD Season 1 & 2 Artwork announced

The artwork for the new season 1 & 2 DVD boxset has been announced.

Looking similar to artwork for the re-release of the original movie and for the new remake film this new boxset focuses on Debbie Allen as she is the link between the original movie, TV Series and the remake. I have to say I'm impressed and really like it.

I never liked the artwork for the original region 1 season 1 boxset and thought the Region 2 version was far superior but this works wll and makes the set look exciting.

Fingers crossed that it sells well so that the other seasons are released too.

To comment on the new artwork go to the forum:


Michael Delorenzo Together

"Together" is written by Michael and comes from his 2009 album "Rescue Me".

To download the MP3 click the link below:


Nia Peeples The Entity (Sex)

"The Entity (Sex)" written by B Cooper comes from Nia's 1991 self titled 2nd album.

To downlaod the MP3 click the link below:


Thursday, 9 July 2009

Fame Theme Karaoke Track

"Fame" was a number 1 hit on the U.K. singles charts.

This track is a karaoke version.

To download the MP3 click the link below:


Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Valerie Landsburg Middle Child

"Middle Child" is written by Valerie and comes from her 2001 "Grown Up" Album.

To download the MP3 click the link below:


Monday, 6 July 2009

The Boys Medley Live 1984

The Boys performed this medley during the season 4 concert special "The Heart Of Rock N Rol" part 1. Featuring Jesse Borrego, Billy Hufsey, Carlo Imperato and Gene Anthony Ray.

"Come Go With Me" – Performed by Carlo
"Get a Job" – Performed by Gene
"Book Of Love" – Performed by Billy
"The Great Pretender" – Performed by Jesse

"Why Do Fools all In Love" – Performed by Carlo
"Teenager in Love" – Performed by Billy
"Rock and Roll Is Here to Stay" – Performed by Jesse , Carlo, Billy and Gene.

To download the MP3 click the link below:

To download the video click the link below:


Sunday, 5 July 2009

Nia Peeples Back On The Savage Street

"Back On The Savage Streets" comes from the 5th season episode "Savage streets" and is performed by Nia.

To download the MP3 click the link below:


Michael Delorenzo "Rescue Me"

"Rescue Me" is the self penned title track from Michael's 2009 album.

To download the MP3 click the link below:


Saturday, 4 July 2009

Irene Cara All My Heart Dj Dado mixes

"All My Heart" isa great song performed by Irene and I love these remixes by DJ Dado.

To download the dance radio edit click the link below:


To download the 12 inch progressive mix click the link below:


Friday, 3 July 2009

Billy Hufsey Stronger Now

"Stronger Now" comes from Billy's 2009 solo album "Confessions".

To download the MP3 click the link below:


Melissa Manchester Thief Of Heart

"Thief of Hearts" is the title track of the 80s movie of the same name and is one of my favourite songs. It is performed by season 3 guest star Melissa Manchester.

To download the MP3 of the 12 inch Ultraheart remix click the link below:


Thursday, 2 July 2009

Jesse Borrego With your Eyes (Cuts Like A Knife)

"With Your Eyes" comes from the season 5 episode "Savage Streets" and is performed by Jesse.

To download the MP3 click the link below:

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

"Gonna Learn How To Fly" Promo

"Gonna Learn How To Fly" parts 1 & 2 are the opening episodes from season 3 and are the July episodes of the Month. As it's a 2 part story I will post both parts during this month. 

Read Review

Here's a promo I made for the episode.